HermitCraft 7: 42 | HALLO OMEGASTORE

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Srp 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 42 | HALLO OMEGASTORE
Iskall needs 10000 diamonds during HermitCraft season 7. He realises that he has completely neglected his redstone shop, and decides to completely rebuild it
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Iskall: well hello there! Me: General Kenobi

  • 6:27 Omega LoL

  • i have made for you... signs

  • now that unus annus is over i can finally catch up on my regularly scheduled programming

  • You could of put the shulker boxes In shulker box soooo a shulker shulker skulker box box box box

  • You should have Redstone dust in different patterns on the walls.

  • Huhu

  • Who bet that Mr. Red, was just a Really buff version of Mumbo?

  • I can't unsee it but the new and improved shop looks like a clown squinting. Please tell me in not the only one that see it.

  • These videos make me realize how bad I am at redstone and building.

  • I Love your shop

  • I thought it was ennard from fnaf lol

  • wow

  • *of doom

  • Red stone store....apple store

  • Ariana: Yuh Billie: Duh Iskall85: Omega

  • I love how he said he would big brain it by putting it in his ender chest but he could have grabbed one shulker box and put a bunch of shulker boxes in it and transported every shulker box like that and then unloaded it

    • A'liyah Kol I’ve done it

    • You can't put a shulker box into another shulker box

  • Good job

  • SIMP

  • How do you make them little things

  • The beacon on the pile was gone, the pile for the hedge games

  • Could u go on the mith busting series

  • Iskall’s logo is from ssb smh

  • Did you also have greek at school iskall? Since it is the last letter of the greek alphabet

  • “Hallo” My favorite

  • Ryen

  • One of your prize beacons are missing.


  • Iskall85 can’t you just put shallker boxes in a shallker box?

  • Pls make auto cobble generator with tnt and stuff

  • Why does Bernie’s eyes look like he is ready to give up everyting, even his humanity

  • You should mine cobblestone instead of diamonds so that you wouldn't be disappionted that you have not found any diamonds

  • Bernie looks like he ain't allowed around kids

  • The true spirit of MumboJumbo has been channeled today

  • I know im late, but a pointless machine like that screams 1 diamond for a live demo. Also, the old store looked like plankton

  • Sell gold

  • ME sees paoorrt me piesky bird


  • I know you should have specified a pit in the bedrock, but still, Impulse's "hole" is a small puncture. What's anyone supposed to do with that?

  • Iskall's logo looks like omega. google omega if you don't know

  • The shop looks like Tesla in 2254

  • 10:55 simps

  • I would sell your services to make a hermit a gold farm for a lot a lot of diamonds

  • very imprssive

  • γεια!

  • Ooh mega

  • It would be hilarious if Cleo makes Yosemite Sam to be Mr. Red.

  • His shop looks like a ghast

  • I'm dying. My diamond pile is currently on a diet 😂

  • Now the red stone shop is a cobra

  • I was watching the speed mine and realised that every part had diorite, is this an intentional piece of filming genius or am I just over observant?

  • I know im REALLY LATE and you have probably already decided what to add to you shop. But if i may. Something blue? RGB? Redstone, green slime, ________

  • 6:12 Obi Wan Kenobi, is that you?!

  • When he said that the red master probably has a mustache all I could think was mumbo

  • He wants his diamonds to be on my 600 pound life

  • Iskall put the shulker box in a shulker problem solved

  • Bernie looks like he's going to steal my soul...

  • His shop now looks like a squinty clown with 5 o'clock shadow.

  • 7:40 Red, the Pokémon Master

  • Binod

    • @Elise Dutcher its not a bird

    • @Elise Dutcher people were Just spamming this word everywhere in even pewdiepie's chat .

    • @Elise Dutcher it was a Indian meme bro 😀

  • Binod

  • Binod

  • Binod

  • 15:15 Proof that iskall is slowly turning into mumbo.

  • You missed the chance to make the store name a pun of IKEA

  • 6:12 General Kenobi

  • Petition for iskall to put a sheep 🐑 fricker in the shop window

  • piemations

  • 6:12 General Kenobi

  • Who else thinks mambo will be the main customer

  • Looks like an Apple store

  • Mr red looks identical to a clown

  • It looks a lot like an Apple Store! LOL

  • Hei hei megabutikk

  • Omegastore looks like a cylon

  • "Grian's dad...TOM!" made me laugh WAY more than it should

  • You should really put shoulker boxes I side shoulker boxes (sorry if idk how to spell it)

  • HI!! figured id just respond to you...

  • Next season you should make a football stadium by the way this is United States

  • Cleo: "

  • Crazy frog

  • What data pack is it???????

  • "Bouncing diamond man" ...skeppy??

  • Iskall:what am i gonna do with one hole? Impulse: I thought breaking bedrock was impossible...

  • Iskall: pays people diamonds to get microblocks for his storage system Also Iskall: wonders how he can display the products he's selling so that people can see clearly

  • Iskall do be over here trynna make his own mall

  • Mr red is mumbo jumbo

  • and i wanna watch your first video ever i'll sub if i like it

  • you reached 1.37 million subscribers! woohoo! 🎉🎉🎊🎊✨✨🎆🎆🎆🎆🎈

  • Doesn’t he still have a free armor stand scene ticket from the head games. Because that could be cleos payment

  • I wasn't going to say anything about Bernie but now with his redstone shop they look pretty racist 🤣. I hope they're a coincidence cuz I admire iskall. Bernie's first design looked like a black face with giant red lips now his store looks like an Asian face with small eyes 😑

  • To all the Bernie bros: please realize that Joe Biden is from the swamp, and Trump is not. Please realize that biden is the racist here, not trump. ( Watch blazeTV on HRdown: 'Joe Biden's connection to the KKK may be closer then you think') And please realize that "A Trump economy" looks glorious.

  • Omg yes! You've done it! The Redstone shop is looking OMEGA!! :D

  • Bernie has such a Leafal look XD

  • The red carpet symbol is actually the logo of the 2b2t group emperium.

  • 2 mega to pass up on oh really watch wells stream punching leaves with a hoe

  • sub to iskall85 and mumbo and grian please

  • Iskall:The Omega Sign Me:No thats the God of war sign

  • Iskall should put some mini stores in the omega store towers

  • Ω