Datum objavljivanja: 26. Tra 2020.
Iskall discovers Grian's Pesky Bird, dresses up MumboJumbo before starting his brand new industrial mega base, a minecraft base focused on farms and redstone with a perimiter.
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  • 2:24, 3:53

  • TNT it

  • Is it just me or does Iskall just carry flint and steel around in case he sees DIORITE?

  • use the wither to destroy the diorite

  • It was great seeing your side of the suit trade

  • The pig, had decided, by nodding yes! Feed him a carrot

  • 16:00: MumboJumbo Being an incredibly obnoxious door salesman

  • Pesky bird

  • Iskall did buy diorite from a shop to burn it

  • 18:58 iskall has officially gone made he is happy that he found a wandering trader

  • It’s actually so funny to me how much iskall hates diorite lol

  • Iskall when he realises scars shop sells leaves: I’ll take your entire stock

  • He literally burn it even the player head ahahah

  • Mumbo is ruined

  • Bruh this my favorite one so far!

  • Put the diorite in mumbo's base

  • Iskall, you should make 7 zombies pick up the diorite and then burn them in lava.

  • Diorite is real and has a high melting point. Iskall will hate this comment


  • Why you hate diorite its so good

  • Anyone notice the Kakashi head on the door of his vault

  • Mojang should add mirrors to the game.

  • Technically, bird poo isn't part of the barge, is it?

  • You should consider making a witchfarm!!

  • Blow up the diorite with creepers.

  • You guys could of just did your industrial area over the ocean

  • I know i am really late but is anybody wondering how much seeds did the bird ate his poop is bigger than him he poops so much in one go hahhaha

  • IM STUPIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!!! (idk why i said that)

  • q

  • Iscall will need 1464 pieces of stone!!

  • The missing is diorite


  • Check your slime shop

  • Firsat I couldn't stop laughing at mumbo's bald head, and then he comes out of the change room of doom wearing that! omg I died of laughter XD also Iskall should make a gold shop as hermits are in need of it and his gold farms just sits there

  • #industrialtree

  • 12000th COMMENT!


  • Blow up diorite using end crystals

  • Iskall you should of paid 59 diamonds for the bird dilivery

  • give the diorite to tangos ravagers

  • The way he casually turned around and one shots a zombie 🤣🤣🤣

  • Have the bird eat the diorite

  • You paid 2 diamonds for the micro-diorite

  • Has anyone noticed the random etho head next to the diamond pile?

    • @Lil McGill the diamond pile at 9:24 I should have been more specific

    • @Minghan Li ye but which one there are two

    • @Lil McGill the pile of diamonds

    • Which pile?

  • Gonna mind you, Polished diorite acually fits with obsidian😱

  • dioite

  • dioite

  • dioite

  • if you put on his head you can go undercover

  • just dont get the dioite

  • Japan / South Korea have so many people wearing short sleeved suits all the time

  • It will be a sad day when hermitcraft has its last season

    • T - T Wait... Hermitcraft last season who?

  • Break a hole in bedrock and put it in the void

  • You should’ve kept the diorite and placed it beside a diorite incinerator

  • Dioritedioritedioritedioritedioritedioritedioritediorite

  • There is nothing more Swedish about Iskall then the way he says ”Poddsoll”

  • Iskalls favorite word: OMEGA

  • Just buy it you can throw the diorite away


  • People when they need diamonds: go mining or build a shop Mumbo when he needs diamonds: I'm gonna sell my dignity

  • Anyone else notice the block Steve but a circular shadow? This is really bothering me rn

  • What about the slime shop?

  • Not granite, *Grianite* - Kid PlayZ 2020

  • I've never noticed that Mumbo's hair looks like Kim Jong Un's

  • no one: iskall: MEGAAAAAA

  • Surely a challenge should be to build something with diorite...

  • You should build a volcano just to burn diorite

  • At 11:06 Did anyone else see the lights dim

  • Nuke it


  • My new favorite thing is iskall saying "pun" when he says a pun

  • Diorite = TNT A lot of it

  • i cant imagine hating diorite (innocent block did nothing wrong) yet liking granite (gross puke block). watching iskall videos to learn tolerance of people with wrong opinions

  • that's a crop top

  • u should have sent the diorite far away with a flying piston contraption

  • Iskall u should make a trash bin/incinerator and use the diorite mini block to denote that that is the trash can where u throw all your trash/junk/diorite :)

  • I should get a diorite skin

  • Should make a flying machine out of the spirits and send it off into lava in the nether where it will get deleted when the nether is reset

  • At 11:04 there is an obvious cut leading me to believe that mumbo actually switched his skin and didn’t put on a suit.

  • "That's one thing I've never done, paid for diorite" You bought a diorite head, though

  • now that you burned the diorite... people will trade in another one...

  • German subtitle bois

  • Throw them into the void in the end

  • That moment you realize Iskall made loot boxes in Minecraft.

  • The wither!!!!! Omega crazy!!!

  • p e s k y b i r d

  • Into the void with the diorite

  • Why don't u like diorite

  • fake

    • @Max Z it is a pro rule so that means hermitcraft is just nub

    • @God in being a giant sucker name me one rule in minecraft's ToS or even hermitcraft's rules that prohibits a privately owned/managed server to use a predetermined speed please. It's absolutely legal.

    • @Max Z they owner just search best seed that is not legal

    • @God in being a giant sucker ok and? How does playing on a predetermined speed make anything fake?

    • @Max Z all the rarest biome in a 1000 by 1000 cube

  • Just a casual reminder that new maps are a total pain in the arse for actually doing any mapping

  • Hg j h

  • “I’ve never worn this kind of fancy suit” Annoying salesman-skall, investment-skall:

  • it is ok the more the diorite: the more fuel fore ur grand fireplace XD

  • his flint and steel is running out cuz of when he burns all of that diorite lol i have never had a flint and steel that ran out of durability

  • Is it just me or did his eyepatch get bigger

  • Iskall you can buy it just burn the diorite

  • You look like someone threw iskallian slime in your face the monocle is too big!

  • 9:46 I am very confused! How did Iskall know that Mumbo was bald?

  • my suggestion would have been to sell it

  • Mumbo got his tupee stolen 😂😂😂

  • iskall asfalt? Is that even a engilsh word maby road or something? Ok lol bye Now that i think about it it probably is