HermitCraft 7: 51 | THE DIAMOND MACHINE

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Ruj 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 51 | THE DIAMOND MACHINE
Iskall works on his Omega Tree base and adds a MUCH NEEDED Diamond Machine (of doom)!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • I love diorite

  • Ok but what is the point of having a lot of diamonds you can't use?

  • Iskall *makes the most impressive redstone machine i have ever seen also iskall ''this brain is stupid''

  • Do you know "I am the Machine" skit?

  • i love that iskall leaves the block sounds in his timelapses. super satisfying!

  • Classic Iskal A mega diamond counter of doom

  • Iskall in school: HOMEWORK OD DOOM

  • OK OK OK who watched the counter and who watched iskall build

  • t

  • Iskall i like grian more than you

  • Please make a tutorial on this

  • This counter is actually really cool

  • Does it account for when you withdraw diamonds? :D

  • Anyone else only focus on the bat flying around in the first time-lapse.

  • 12:56 does actually kind of look like a face tho, the two black pixels are eyes and there's a lighter 2x2 section skewed to the left that looks like a mouth

  • Mm wow redstone give everyone a headache 😂🤣😂

  • For one Dimond being spent, Just put two in a vault.

  • 1:44 He said Nej!

  • he used 828 diamonds for decoration!😂

  • Why does an island need road access?

  • Iskall, Nooo... Why! You just placed 1125 Diamonds to decorate it that's more than 1/10 This is why you won't reach your goal + the other 1272 That's 2397! almost 1/4 of the way to your goal. You should break them count them then replace them.

  • poor grian

  • How do you make the counter?


  • what is the mod they use for lock heads?

  • “And we have 5 zeroes! Yes!” - Iskall, 2020

  • 21:35 *WoOd CrEePeR*

  • In Australia football fields are round

  • The next youtube boxing match iskall85 vs diorite

  • The machine will look so good with RTX on.

  • When you were using the flint and Stell to blow up the diorite an ad came right before it blew up, is that timing or what

  • 80085

  • "The machine" in the intro reminds me of Keralis's face

  • You should do a thing when you finish there will be fireworks

  • Check the micro block store

  • I tried to build something like this and I failed. I suck at redstone and I really want one of these. Can you make a tutorial??

  • I didn't see the face, then I couldn't not see the face

  • Not symetrical as false symetry ?

  • glokknine

  • Fun fact, DIAMONDS and diorite start with di.

  • no one: the bat during iskal's timelapse: ⬆️↩️↖️➡️↕️⬅️🔄🔜🔃🔛⤴️↖️⤴️↙️↕️🔜⬇️↘️↖️↪️ 3:34

  • I'm really high and this looks like it's in 3D

  • Anyone else try and swat “the bug” away from their screen during the hole digging time lapse? Lol -_-

  • 13:05 plz see your self out Next clip he holds his sword. Hmmmm...

  • 8:50 i was especting "of doom" little bit dissapointed xD

  • The way Iskall says “wool” to rhyme with “cool” makes me very uncomfortable

  • You should sell and build this for the Mayor so he can see exactly how many riches he is sitting on :D (it’s got nothing to do with my curiosity, nope, none at all).

  • You said mega nahi omega Hindi😨😨

  • Highly recommended idea: take out your headache and just focus on 10,000 gold

  • The diamonds behind the wood you should grab as you can’t see them

  • Bloxburg music?

  • When you think that that counter would of been so much easier to be done in binary lol

  • "thastoolitoteethalitt" 21:58

  • Iskall85 has a infinity wood supply. If he need a woods he just ganna chop some wood from the Omega Tree 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Could making the middle block on the far right Always on help or would that look weird? Has anyone signed up to design the purple road yet?

  • I would like to know the name of the timelapse music at 3:10

  • you say nej instead of no so often

  • Did you mean nej or ney?

  • who else wnats to know where funcraft went? like so iskall sees

  • Proving you're not pretty smart to use diamonds as decoration for your diamond counter I owed you something as pretty but also not as expensive and otherwise saying pull those diamonds off the wall and put them through your counter you might get another 300 out of it

  • I'm just wondering what happened to Iskall's render distance

  • There's diorite in the wall

  • 6:38 just dig down🤷‍♂️

  • The V « hole » T

  • I love how chaotic Iskall is! I never know what's going to happen next!

  • A viniccius13 copy?

  • I do agree that you should find a texture pack for the lamps to make them easier to read as numbers. Looks great, but all the black lines going every which way is noisy.

  • 69k likes nice

  • You should make it where one diamond is given to you and then after you take that one diamond it takes a few minutes to get a new diamond replaced so that it would be wasting valuable time to get a few diamonds, also a few layers of obsidian around so you don’t try anything sneaky because it takes a while to mine obsidian as well. Also it’s far enough away from your base so you also have to travel a while and there are no beacons of haste around. Copy and paste this comment on future episodes to show support for this idea.

  • If I was on hermitcraft put bird on iskalls mega base and make him hate iron blocks from putting iron blocks for bird poop

  • Me naming stuff:I call it safe iskall:omega safe of doom!!!

  • Grian: Wheres Iskall? Mumbo: *hes in the hole*



  • tennessee whiskey

  • Hej iskall älskar dina vids

  • Your welcome!

  • Iskall: I dont want to upset anyone, so... Me: UR SUCG A NICE PE3SON THIS IS WHY I SUBSCRIBED

  • Maybe you can put momentos in the rooms of the tree

  • Police agent: Do you know how fast you were going? Iskall: about 500 meters per diamond

  • Never burn diorite trade it with level 3 masons

  • “I mean to be fair I could have done the calculations […] But it should be enough. It should be enough.” -Iskall, In the process of creating and programming a literal calculator in Minecraft

  • I thought it was called treasure island?

  • Please tell me that you went back and got the diamonds you covered up? If it's not going to be seen, why waste the diamond block? Just a thought.

  • Hey iskall can you pls make a full tutorial for the counting system

  • Cool!

  • 15:32 'I am now very close to... Your also close to 10,000, if ya just turn the first 0 into a 1

  • I see a creeper on the granite

  • Iskall: I want to save diamonds till 10000 diamonds Also iskall:let’s use diamond blocks to cover the diamond machine :) Everyone: LOL? :I

  • The 3 looks wrong

  • Best episode ever


  • ultimate flex, to literally have to build a diamond machine then to decorate it with diamond blocks

  • How many diamonds would he have if he didn’t use them for decoration

  • Hej alla so är svenskar är kung (för svenskar åäö)

  • 7:14 iskall uses both the american and british shortenings of the word mathematics

  • Hearing Iskall say one set of shrooms made me chuckle 12:27

  • feel so clean im like a diamond machine

  • He just need mustache and he can be the next mumbo

  • Wait you can craft diorite