HermitCraft 7: 50 | GRIAN GET CHALLENGED!

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Ruj 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 50 | GRIAN GET CHALLENGED!
Mumbo and Iskall takes on the task and answers Grian's million burnsticks with a BUNCH of challenges... chicken... challenges. Iskall also counts diamonds, omega diamonds.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • I figured out why your base isn’t done yet....one word....Mumbo.

  • Parters in crime- Lmao

  • Iskall: I would like to get this tree done by episode 100, next scene I have other things to do.

  • Who agreed his 😂 is fake

  • What if its now ep 10. And its steel no finish lol

  • While watching ODEA i pass IKEA HAHA

  • Wut about stress? :(

  • 😔😔😔😔 Iskall will quit hermitcraft witch means hermitcraft season 7 is the last season iskall will play in

  • Let's head over to the shopping district The diamonds last words

  • Grians reaction wasn't what I hoped it would be.

  • Lmao. "focus"......iskall/ aka Capt. Sidetrack

  • Treasure spoons.....of doom :)

  • man grian missed a lot

  • Iskall be making the swamp from avatar

  • Some hermit, puts a flame on iskall build, iskall, but why

  • 100 hamza3230pro

  • 7

  • Grian killed 2 chickens, ik I'm late, what where all the challanges?

  • You demanded grian to have a breakdown in ep44 so he blew up his entire mansion.

  • As a Swede, hearing Mumbo trying to pronounce words is hilarious

  • when you realize Mumbo asking politely about the HC was actually a 300 IQ move to make sure grain was confused and accepted the challenge

  • You should've used levers instead of buttons so you could yell "PULL THE LEVER KRONK"

  • hello

  • Odea is minecraft ingame lego sets 17:30 GRIAN IS NOT POULTY MAN

  • Iskall: Dyes a sign using...er, dye, Me: Wait, hold the phone---- I had known you could use coloured text with special characters, I did not, however, know THAT (4:21) worked. Probably just for Java edition, perhaps?

    • Yea it's only for Java. But I've never heard of it before so it's either a new feature, or not very common knowledge

  • The charots speaks to you and they say one of us one of us one of us one of us one of us

  • But then MUMBO happened 😂😂😂

  • The fact that grian lost most of these😭

  • I was today years old when I realized that the pattern in the carpet at the Omega store is the Greek letter Omega

  • Ok on 14:39 mumbo says "hermitcraft season 6 partners" SEASON 6 PARTNERS ITS SEASON 7

  • Iskall means Ice cold

  • Iskall couldn't even pronounce Librarian in Swedish and he's Swedish ;-;

  • Episode 99 then 99.1 then 99.2 then 99.3

  • I am Swedish and I am insulted by the fact that u are too and can’t pronounce it. No I am not u are my favorite HRdown no hate here.

  • while watching I got an ikea ad ... they know


  • Poor grian

  • probably my favorite episode. mumbo and iskall both lost all of their braincells coming up with stupid challenges.

  • Muskall =mumbo+iskall partnershio

  • Anyone here after Grian's episode

  • I love that you just left it in Swedish, lol

  • Mumbo: Swedish is weird Me, who's learning Swedish: em yes but actually no

  • he said the n word on 7:31

  • the TREE looks like in a movie AVATAR ? does anyone watch tht movie AVATAR OMEGA TREE

  • Eggs give chickens you know

  • Mumbo- 📈successful📈

  • no dont qut

  • Now all x, bdubs and keralis need to do is make a shop renamed after another desert like Gobi

  • Tell Mumbo to give you an advertisement in his store! Make a map that says something like “Need spare parts? Visit the OMEGA Store!”

  • I wonder if the "throw a party for the hermits" is the one Grian killed by accident, the only "good" one

  • Bam am buuuu the omega tree isn’t big we’re just small🤯

  • I just noticed mumbo is wearing his old suit. Not the bamboo one that even he accidentally calls sugarcane, not the one Stress dyed, but his old black suit.

  • He didn’t know what burnsticks were, he didn’t deserve this

  • ...Am I the only one having trouble hearing the other hermits talking in Iskall's videos? Like, Mumbo's audio is barely half the volume of Iskall's voice in this video, yet in Mumbo's videos they both sound the same volume... Is it an editing issue, perhaps?

  • If iskall is his father then... omg

  • Was only paying half attention to the video while playing Minecraft. 2:08 almost gave me a heart attack!

  • I love how menacing the charrot looks in the thumbnail

  • I still don’t get it, mumbo has way more redstone than he would ever use, why doesn’t Iskall buy some of it?

  • Mumbo made Swedish sound more like Italian

  • Bambu

  • how it should have ended

  • Looking up from under his omega tree, if hed put glass connecting the branches it would a omega goblet. A cup fit for a omega alcohollic...

  • Google.com

  • why do you have so much fog?

  • i lost all my brain cells when they didnt immediately decide to bombard the inside of the charrot with eggs to trap the chickens

  • 😅😂🤣🤪🤪🤣😂😅loved the episode.

  • Watching Iskall go through ODEA and get excited about the Swedish-named contraptions was and absolute delight 😄😄

  • 30:44 you can see netherack in the tree

  • Am I the only one who just found out that Iskal is Swedish or is it just me if not then leave a like pls

  • The way Mumbo says "poppa ut trapporna" hecking kills me LMAO (also idk if i'm the only one feeling like this but, mumbo's audio was much lower in volume than Iskall's! It made it difficult to hear him without having Iskall shouting HALLÅ in my ears XD thought i'd at least mention it in case you wanna look into it Iskall!)

  • Imagine that wild chicken was everything to g r i a n also that was with voice chat

  • Thank you so much for this video, Iskall. Really loved it!

  • 28:22 wide putin music intensifies

  • Wait why you leaving

  • I don't know how many of you do this, but I enjoy watching 1 heart vid, then the other heart from their point of view, and so forth. It's like laughing at the same joke when different people tell it but with their own spin on it.

    • Stupid spell check! Not heart,Hermit...

  • Am I the only person who thinks iskall is THE best Hermit?

  • Oh Grian... You think you would remember something as importantly chaotic as Hermit Challenges... And yet, here we are...😂

  • Hallo

  • When you and Mumbo get together, the episode that comes out is so funny. I really love when you both collaborate

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  • this vid on a nutshell: stonks!

  • 29:05 Replay button for the best part of the video

  • When Iskall realises that there's a grammatical error in the title...

  • 1:47 HALLO mumbojumbo iskall are you not swedish

  • Iskall do not leave hermit craft Plz finish that tree for us plz.

  • Iskall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was hilariously entertaining.

  • About 11 out of 50 videos were spent on the tree. To be fair tho you didnt start building the tree till episode... Oh you actually started the tree on episode 6 lol

  • Does that mean zombie Cleo is Mr reds mom?

  • *Changes language in own game, then passes item to Mumbo* Beautiful. Almost as good as the ender chest incident in the first End Bust. Beautiful.

  • You need to get grain in on the partnership, he has the best selling shop and he is good at marketing

  • not sure it's been said but you should add a bee far in the form of a bees nest on the tree

  • Noooo! Don’t say that, you do so much epic stuff here, I don’t care if you ever finish the tree, Hermitcraft needs Iskall

  • anyone else notice a red shulkerbox on the underside of a branch??

  • Du bör ha en utmaning som seger ändra språk till svenska

  • Why... why didn't they just spawn chickens with eggs in the charrot? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Wait, so if Iskall is Mr. Reds father. That means cleo Is his mother 😳😳🤐

  • Please can you check weather anyone has added to the Etho smells of thing

  • Hallo

  • Your name should be “the partners”


    • Reference to his live stream