Datum objavljivanja: 10. Srp 2020.
The Tree Farm was moved to the Industrial Factory base last episode, and today the industrial base gets a lot more progress and love
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  • Fill with Grianite.

  • its more enjoyable when you do things with other people everyone on the toilet...

  • you should've done a timelapse of spawnproofing the industrial district

  • i think you may do small changes after every clip in your chair its best

  • He could place beacon under the door like laser

  • I like how his time lapses aren’t to fast cause then you actually get to see the work and effort that goes into the build.

  • the dimond pile withered away

  • mumbo bamboo-sells

  • You should update the fence now that chains can be placed horizontally. In the proposed fence building palette you should incorporate chains (as I previously mentioned), brick, andesite, Smooth Grianite, Grianite, Smooth Stone, etc... and wall/block/slabs/stair variants. (Yes, I said Grianite. It is integral to source those blocks from Grian ;P) Basically use the block building palette of the industrial district in general with the addition of chains. Also, consider changing some of the blocks already placed to make use of the now useful wall blocks! Your district is looking much more "bonkers" than Mumbos!

  • Maybe I missed something, but I love mysteriously seeing Iskall's levels drop from 75 to 1.

  • #iskall85 I don't like the way you handle your diamond pile Just gather your own materials by trading villagers

  • Instead of the carpet put in slabs so it will not show up

  • My favorite part of his videos is when he sits on his throne and talks but add more everytime the frame switches away

  • Iskall I mean your great but some advice if your going to do a time laps please put music or turn up the already existing music please. Don’t have to listen to this but just a little constructive criticism. 😁

  • to be clear...is Iskall saying Monstrosi-tree?

  • 0:00 general kenobi

  • did anyone else notice at 15:00 the shulker box was named "fill with GRIANite"

  • Oi! Ya Mean "Monstrosity 2.0"?

  • Lol I’m playing with legos rn

  • *Girraaff* I’ll put that next to Andersite

  • Put sideways chains above the fence for barbed wire!

  • So iskall broke into stress house looking for her clothes and broke into her secret pumpkin closet with a 15 foot tall lock pick just to leave and make a suit out of several month old bamboo that he's been keeping in a safe then he went to work on his factory....... Hermitcraft is weird

  • What if they added like auto turrets in mine craft but they were really hard to make

  • Hi

  • There is a mistake in top left window of the monstrosity in industrial district

  • fence idea arround industrial district: Wooden fence with chain sidewides

  • I don’t know if you heard of placing a Redstone block or Redstone torch or a lever why did you make it so complicated LOL

  • Use scaffolding for scaffolding

  • The button spawned Xisuma

  • 11:10 someone using skin of kakshi

  • The monstrosity looks like a face with a big brain on top. ___________ | | | ■ ■ ■ | | ■ ■ ■ | | __ __ | |____□____|

  • That moment when you realise Iskall has Iskallium boots 16:21

  • Iskall: Creates fancy arrow lock pick just to open door Netherite Pickake: ‘Sad Pick Noise’

  • Grain is also part of HC remeber him!

  • The hermits always talk about needing more supplies but let them despawn while they build 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The plan is, we need to give it a mullet. That will make the monstrosity pretty. -iskall85

  • So..... many..... GRIAN MEMES! Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but essentially all of the hermit’s comments are GRIAN memes.

  • In 1.16.2 you can place chains horizontally

  • I like how he says "Andersite"

  • Er du svensk

  • Andersite😂

  • Nobody: Iskall: sTOoPiD bABy

  • I know this is 3 weeks late but what if you made your tree farm into a NASA space shuttle launch pad/ ship

  • The most depressed time lapse of 2020 16:25

  • You could on dig down to block and put an upside down Stairs

  • you could make a diamond auto farm with the chests full of diamonds so u only get them

  • when did the nether update come out i forgot but did u know about the secret other new biome in the nether

  • strees gave it to rendog

  • I actually really liked the original "church" facade, and considering that XIX century people (you know, these guys who built out of brick) were quite religious, it could fit.

  • You probably will not see this but try adding dead coral to the top of the fence for a barb fence look.

  • Omg it does look like a giraffe

  • 11:09 Look at the XP bar

  • He thanked me!!!!!!! `

  • 19:36 You miss a block in the bottom left corner of the middle window

  • 2:16 the subtitles are “spoon proofing”?

  • Stupid baby😂😂😂 -iskall

  • Guys I am Austrian (not Australian) where we speak German Ani only wanted to say hallo is normal hello in german

  • Iskall: Owns like a thousand diamonds, 26 beacons and lives in a gargantuan tree. Me: Scared of zombies, owns 18 diamonds and starts clicking my bed when its midday due to fear of mobs..

  • 14:38 basically summed up my sex life right there

  • Iskall, as a swede that talk mostly english, ill help with prononciations. Giraffe is pronounced jiräfe, not jirafe as you pronounced. If you think im annoying, tell me. Im just wanting to help :)

  • Hey Iskall ... Scar is not posting any hermit videos lately . Please check on him

  • I really hope mumbo knows that the 12 bamboo is the real original and doesn't mistake it for a fake and burn it because that is way too valuable

  • Is the timelapse audio really quiet for everyone?

  • I like how iskall will sit in a chair and make every episode seem like it’s just him continuing to tell a story like in the princess bride

  • What are you nils

  • for the tree monster, i think it would be cool where a tree is coming out of the building, where the top of the building is destroyed by a tree coming through it. it references its omega tree and fits the wood inside.

  • 3:39 this looks likes ksi's beard


  • Facade

  • “Stupid baby!” -Iskall 2020

  • Kinda funny how mumbos bamboo suit actually turned out too look really nice.

  • I need a text tone of you saying "Hallo" like I can't get enough of this lol

  • 19:36 Iskall u forgot one black concrete on the upper middle window, the 2nd block on the bottom row is missing

  • Those cats really looked like crows

  • Iskall, set yourself up with some clerics to trade gold for emeralds (if you need them) and then a mason to trade emeralds for bricks at your industrial district. So you'll always have a ready supply for building industrial buildings.

  • He died between 11:09 and 11:10 look at the xp

  • Iskall: "It kind of looks like a church" Me: Hallo brothers and sisters and welcome to the church of TNT goes boom. Here we can irradiate all of your sins with a prayer and a baptism. Please leave your donations in the box BEFORE entering and follow me to the healing waters within. Tell me all of your sins.....BOOM, no more sins....HeHe

    • Madmans Playground lol

  • call the shop leaf monkey

  • It looks like more an ostrich LOL

  • Iskall: explains why stress misses one challenge Nobody: explains why Grian missed almost all of the challenges

  • I watched the videos but can someone just quickly recap what the story of the twelve bamboo is

  • When iskall explains all the small tasks he did while sat on an ever-changing chair. Those sections are my favorite

  • Iskall: Has really quiet montage music Me: Puts ear up to speaker Iskall: " *ALRIGHT SO OBVIOUSLY-* "

  • "Stupid baby!" -Iskall85, 2020

  • Tf i got a notification now

  • Why did u didn't just use the tree factory to take leaves

  • Iron fence is grate for defence

  • No one. Literally no one. Iskall: StUpId BaBy

    • Literally the most unfunniest meme I've ever heard

  • I was not expecting the chest to have the 12 bamboo but it made me very happy to see it.

  • you shouldve done your spawnproofing in your industrial district using a diagonal grid pattern. this way it will be a lot more efficient on terms of the amount of glowstone you use.

  • At 16 seconds into the video Iskall says "If I click this button this happens" and in the chat it says "Xisuma joined the game" the timing on that is hilarious

  • U should make a bee hive for your tree

  • You COULD do a wall in between some chains for decor, and to be able to incorporate chains. Then, you can make the walls like a castle’s, or prison’s, and make, like a walkway on top of the wall, and make it seem like the chains are somehow “supporting” the walkway thingy, if yaknowwhatimean ;) Edit: ok, so I know this will make your wall thicker, but what if u make a walkway INSIDE the walls that lead so a secret base, or treasure storage thing that have a super-special, super-secret clue-based SECRET ENRTSACE (OOOOO)(AAAAAAA)(WHOAAAA) ;)D

  • Jos

  • Thank you Iskall for inspiring me to make a HRdown channel!!!

  • i like the calming timelapses with the little plunks of stone and chh of glass and the little soft music in the background

  • The fence looked like a prison fence with out barbed wire

  • 19:36 no one is pointing out the missing cyan terra-cotta in the window😭

  • Petition for one of the hermit to open delivery system from shopping district to the individual hermit bases.(Just like Mumbo-Grian messaging system)

  • really enjoy the building you made this episode!