HermitCraft 7: 14 | GOOD DEEDS ISKALLMAN

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 14 | GOOD DEEDS ISKALLMAN
Iskall got the Hermit Challenge of doing good deeds for other hermits on the hermitcraft server. Equipped with his GIANT iskall head, he hits his neighbours, MumboJumbo, Stressmonster and Goodtimeswithscar with some good deeds, before continuing his Omega Tree base plans
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
Gold Farm used: hrdown.info/block/video/uZWAaZh8htCspMk
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  • Grian took the door because of the the challage

  • He said mumbo didn't get a good deed.

  • 0:03 : Big brain iskall...

  • The red pandas are girls. Love your hallo

  • Lol me and my friend tried so long to just get a brown panda and he got it his first try

  • That brown panda baby is like a 1 in a 1,000 chance

  • Do they have fire spread on?

  • Mumbo: isnt a builder Also mumbo: *puts all the other bases to shame* (The other bases r great but not as good or as big as mumbo's)

  • Iskall naming anything: "OF DOOM" Me: why can NOTHING be PEACEFUL!!!

  • He should make a mega bee hive

  • “It makes me laugh” That’s all that is important

  • Iskall-ception

  • I didn't know there were brown pandas.... So cute. I saw your vault on scars channel and was so confused. Sorry it didn't work out.

  • Plz put the link for the farm in the comments!!

  • yes ISKALL MAN!!! lol

  • Are you kidding me, I spend WEEKS trying to get a brown panda and this guy randomly breeds one and didn't even know it existed 😂 Ah, if that doesn't explain my luck I don't know what does

  • For a panda to be brown, both genes must be the brown type. Without taking mutation into account, the probability of a given panda being spawned as brown is then ​1⁄7 x ​1⁄7 = ​1⁄49 or 2.04%. Iskall is VERY lucky

  • General Kenobi!

  • FYI a brown panda is a 0.0463% chance

  • Iskall just unknowingly built scar another KGOOMR

  • 9:48 OMG A BROWN PANDA THATS UBER RARE It really is. Check Logdotzip's channel.

  • Prot 4 elytra

  • I want to see you doing alot of business and become the richest hermit ❤i know you can do it.. And please keep mumbo and grian with you

  • Lol scar got only 3 doors

  • Yo does anyone know how to make this secret vault? Bc I've been struggling for some time and still can't do it :(

  • hi

  • yo thats a brown panda there omega rare

  • q


  • Iskall: I’m sure Scar will find the green carpet Scar: I’m gonna cover the ground in green carpet and then look at Iskall’s sign so it takes me an hour to find 😀 Iskall: *palms forehead*

  • Day 69 of Corona Quarantine: I just died from Iskall saying *E*


  • oh defintly

  • In one of the earlier videos someone commented that hermitcraft is sometimes just advertisement for Illmango. And it's hell true

  • '' iskallian crystal of doom '' - iskallMAN

  • danananananannanana ISKALLMANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

  • It looks like Amber so put a mosceeto in it :)

  • This episode made me sub, the honey coming out of the tree reminds me of the Australian native bee hive in trees

  • He forgot he could just get wood from the wood shop from a dude who used the machine

  • I love your video me and my brother have a HRdown channel mega buckets and mega unicorns please give a shout out please

  • Who is rewatching this season as they are waiting for new episodes?

    • I'm just binge watching all the hermits I started with just mumbo and now I've seen stress grian scar ren etho and now I'm here with iskal

    • me!

  • 4:07 Petition to make this his new outro music

  • “So we need to do at least two other hermits”

  • plz ad a giant beehive on one of the branches to add depth

  • Good deeds done dirt cheap.

  • Lol zero ticking never got patched

  • ur content is amazing

  • Scar has never found the doors btw

    • He did but the zombie had destroyed all of them but 1

  • The panda grew up waiting for you to get it to stress

  • U found brown panda 🐼 😱

  • Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • That mountain was grian

  • Iskall puts on his own head and becomes Iskall8500

  • me: I built a giant castle in survival minecraft! Iskall: Does it end in "of doom"? me: no... Iskall: Then why did you build it at all?

  • hi Iskall

  • Hermitcraft 6: Poultry Man Hermitcraft 7: iskallman

  • U know Iskall, you should do good deeds everyday, it makes you feel good.

  • Hi! I literally only subbed to u grian mumbo and skar. Lool. Does anybody else in hermitcraft have a u tube channel? Cause hermitraft seems fun so i watchc

  • The man is literally in love with the word doom

  • quite a few people? nope. just one hermit *cough cough his birds like grains cough*

  • POV:watching all of hermit craft again cus I’m bored 😐

  • iskall the brown pandas are really rare

  • No not Sand you mean sssssssssssand!

  • Is hermitcraft just a big ad for ilmango

  • Looks like quite a lot of people have been here Grian

  • Wait a minute, hold up- Did he seriously think, that these were SCARS pandas? Oh my goodness xD

  • You should have put people's doors back Pesky door bandit He also should have created a system that destroys the door as it's being mined Observer on top connected to a piston to break the door and then a hopper underneath to collect the door

  • No one: Iskall: hallo! 😁

  • What's his accent?

  • 14:07 why is nobody talking about that jump

  • can you make a tutorial on how you made that cactus/bonemeal farm?

  • Iskall- how can I make the way I talk cooler, Iskall- ohhh OF DOOM

  • 11:00 I like how it took so long the panda grew up

  • did he just say f****ng on 10:17 10:18?

    • @Pixelok then sorry

    • He said if I can

  • Build stuff in the branches

  • Iskall after he sees or makes something... “of doom”

  • He should have named the panda cow and put him in the cow pen

  • Iskall85: I think these are Scars pandas Scar: the meany bears have grown too strong

  • Iskall: Imagine having to work these diagonals, it must be a pain! Me: Have you seen Grian's base it's 2 by 2 diagonals, that's way harder to detail

  • Dude you're the best

  • Can I say his accent makes me wanna go die it’s so cute

  • 0.0463% the probability of getting that oddly colored panda

  • He loves the word doom

  • someonee helpp me he sas mega too muchhhhh

  • Iskall you can get lily of the valley flowers and bonemeal them for white dye it’s better because then you can get lots more white dye

  • @14:32 sir that there is a W

  • if he knew, that all the doors were going to be destroyed

  • SaaaAAAAAaaaandd

  • You can go to the tree farm for free so use that

  • spoiler for door vault! a zombie spawns and breaks all the doors leaving 2 and 1 door in his hand. its sad iskall spent so much time on it :(

  • The hunny looks like sap

  • Iskallman needs a bigger base, and a bigger face

  • He kept calling a female panda “sir”


  • Word around Hermitcraft has seen a mysterious chicken man stealing doors. The figure has been heard talking about birds of the pesky kind.

  • HM 6: Sahara St. build-off HM 7: Jungle Omega Base build-off

  • the honey blocks make it look a lot like a bees nest

  • Iskall: I’m sure he’ll be able to find the green carpet. Scar: Covers entire area in randomly placed green carpets Zombie: Ooh doors I’ll take those

  • Iskall needs bonemeal and doesn’t use his bone meal farm that he made

  • Iskall: Hellow? X1000