HermitCraft 7: 1 | MY PERFECT START

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Vel 2020.
HermitCraft Season 7 has finally started! Iskall has some mega plans for hermitcraft 7, including a brand new mega base! Iskall starts of by building his perfect minecraft starter base, and realises that he is playing Minecraft 1.15 for the first time. Iskall also shares what seems like an unreasonable goal for this season!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • 17:56 the fattest lick in the history of licks

  • Another episode of “why is this in my recommendations?” And on this episode we have an first episode to a series I’ve been watching for a year now, I watch every hermit...

  • Cool

  • you can build bone shop now!

  • If you agree yes that liek button

  • Whats the cords to that jungle

  • iskall... your my favorit HRdownr (english). I'm POLISH HRdownr

  • I was in 1 of ur among us games as flippin jo the guy with a yt channel

  • Seeing the old texture for the pigmen makes me feel so sad and nostalgic.

  • Episode 67 1/2 anyone ;)

  • Sometimes i like to just cone back to these 1st vids it feels so weird seing them not have tons if diamonds and netherite

  • Wow has it really been 9 months since this season started? Time flies so fast...

  • Iskall: I just have 1 daimond left... Iskall later in the season: I WILL GET TO 10000 DIAMONDS!!!!

  • ishkall: I want to build a giant tree all the viewers: O~O all the viewers almost a year leter: yes

  • Its been 9 months now

  • I originally didnt watch iskall. I then learned he was swedish. SWEDS SUPPORT SWEDS!

  • Mumbo: Where's all the cows???? Meanwhile, Iskall: 20:34

  • Me when I hear what his base #TEAMTREES

  • 17:55 the xp plays the lick

  • why is this getting recommended? ive already wathed it

  • when HRdown puts this in my recommends 8 months later?

  • Hey this is 8 months after this vid was made and little did we know that the 12 bamboo would be the most valuable things on hermitcraft

  • Fun fact: 7 : 1 is actually a ratio in maths

  • Okay HRdown recommendations

  • Best hermit. Love his stuff with Mumbo and Rendog/

  • I watched the new vid then this lol subscribe to iskall

  • I hate dirit to it stinks

  • Iskall: And the most important thing... A diorite incinerator!

  • Where’s the 5 diamond block investment from season 6 Sahara?

  • Oh yes, the diorite incinerator

  • Why did you not say hello to Mumbo Jisbo.

  • 17:55 "The Lick"

  • Keralis really can’t get a break from iskall

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  • For the incinerator, use a trapped chest so you don’t accidentally throw valuable stuff away

  • I love Iskall’s laugh, it’s so funny!

  • 9:10 that is the biggest cave I have ever seen

  • iskall is very big brain

  • Treeskall

  • Now I Know...A Good Idea...Trade Villagers Diamond..For 1 Gravel... EVEN BETTERʘ‿ʘ😂😂🖤

  • Now I Know...A Good Idea...Trade Villagers Diamond..For 1 Gravel... EVEN BETTERʘ‿ʘ😂😂🖤

  • This early in the season and he already has the Face Of the Revolution.

  • Wish I could join hermitcraft server that would fun

  • Wow, it's only episode 1 bud 😂. You make progress so quickly

  • when you come back.... and see the pool the omega tree was built in, disappeared entirely

  • This kinda dumb but is this modded

  • I’m just rewatching all of Iskalls season 7 because I have nothing better to do

  • 24:18 Iskall85: I Can See Happiness

  • 13:26 Iskall85: This Is Good For Now Me: 😮😨😱

  • So that's how u sold all those bones. I watch mumbo's and i went ahead and u sold bones to him for diamonds and then became 12 bamboo!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • Mumbo off camera: 1:58

  • Iskall: Uses a mob spawner for an xp farm Grian: Hehe zombies go grrrr scar goes dead

  • “The_Grifter joined the game” is that someone’s cam account?? Am I stupid????

    • @Isabella Greene oh thank you. Does he have two spectator accounts then because I thought his spectator account was two much grian

    • The Grian Drifter. The Grifter. It’s Grian’s Spectator account

  • Hi

  • “What is that, a new animal?” “It’s Mumbo” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stooped creepers - iskall85 2019 - 2020

  • -2143500864

  • Mega tree house what that will take a long time like a long time!!!!!!

  • Of course your burning diorite diorite is good for building

  • What is the seed

  • you suck

    • @Ryzen123 Lopez oooooohhh ok that makes sense have a Happy Halloween!

    • @Eman816 its just a joke my friends is a fan of him so i trolled them to reply this and show to them they got pissed

    • why RyZEn 123 LoPeZ

  • I felt so bad when Iskall tried to sell bones to Stress it was actually so sad

  • Mumbo's little "where?" When Stress and Iskall spot him is so cute

  • Just started rewatching season 7 ♡

  • everybody in the chat that is screaming smithing table I feel you

  • Dumbo jumbo

  • Iskall: Dried kelp is the worst food in the game Rotten Flesh: Am I a joke to you?

  • mumboilchtbrvikfhvgvitkjgrdt

  • H e r m i t C r a f t 7 : 1 | M Y P E R F E C T S T A R T

  • w i t d a b e d

  • p u n c h d e k e r a l i s X D

  • y e e t t h e g r i a n a n d g i v e t h e m u m b o j u m b o a r i d e i n a b o a t w h i l e s i n g i n g r o w r o w r o w y o u r b o a t

  • row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily sailing with mumbo. is that that thing when you are in a boat with mumbo

  • Iskalman is shinyman

  • The good times before Scar ruined the shopping district

  • 1:45 - 2:15 literally half a minute straight of LAUGHING 😂 😝 🤣 🤭 😆

  • Who else changed from Grian to iskall cause he finishs his builds

  • Iskall85 I meet you in among us

  • Cool

  • It was Grian who lived there. You can tell because he is weird But in a nice way

  • if you pitch this up- it sounds like james charles lol

  • I wacht grain

  • I like iskall because he makes me laugh like a kid

  • I am watching this after ep 60 any one else

  • Why did I just get this in my recommended I’m caught up with his series

  • Hallo! I am a future person and i just wanna say your tree turned out amazing!

  • i dont hear the sweedish accents

  • Lol why did this episode got recommended again? I've already watched it tho

  • 🥋

  • How did he get 64 torch’s?

  • "Wh- What is that? That's a new animal!" "That's Mumbo!" "I didn- no..." *Laughter*

  • i cant believe its been 7 months already

  • 23:29 that is grian's base

  • Hermit craft season 7 started 7 months ago

  • Hello from EP 60

  • has anyone remembered the 5 diamond blocks they send from season 6

  • I remember Grian was hiding in Mumbos nether portal maybe you should do the same HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  • the way Ikall talks like Mumbo.

  • Wow you got furter in your first dat Then I got in a year