Datum objavljivanja: 24. Kol 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 48 | THE MEGA TREASURES
Iskall goes on an OMEGAGRIND to get amazing mega treasures to dig down on his treasure island, before he opens the game to the other hermits.
Also, his friend PIRATESKALL makes an appearance
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  • I had to pause the video at KURT


  • He has spent like 1 stack netherite ingot and 8 stack damond ore and many people have fortune pick and after that he will get like 1 and a half stack diamond blocks What has he done

  • How long has he mined If I mine for one hour i will get only 12 diamond ore

  • Matthias watchers seeing Iskall name the green MEGA: Why? BECAUSE😈

  • People worried about the boxes being more valuable than the spoons need to remember that not every spoon will find a treasure. Of course, this has already happened, I’m behind, so I’m probably wrong and Iskall has been ruined by this, or something.

  • Iskall: I so poor! Me: Buh! you have stacks of ancient debre and diamonds!!!!!! I'm getting a headache.

  • Wtf??? Read my name

  • I thought veins only went as high as 3 for ancient debris

  • isklall is way to generous

  • i can for all

  • Grian selling netherite tools for 32 diamonds Hermits : No Iskall selling damaged wooden shovels for 32 diamonds. Hermits: INVEST

  • i CaNt SeE *doesnt take off eye patch*

  • Hello

  • I really like the idea of the treasure island and buying shovels to dig for it. The clues really make it worth it!

  • omg so many diamonds and ancient debris

  • me watching hermet craft and getting ready for the cave update

  • Today on counting with Iskall :Numbering Netherite

  • man you are wasting your diamnods

  • eatbulaga

  • I love iskall's HALLOs, they always make me feel good inside, like the purity and innocence of a child inside of a very good Minecraft player

  • I wish I had his luck ):

  • Iskall; I am going to be productive Me; define *productive...*

  • The fiery shark..... LOL

  • Too much netherite ingots in one Love ur vids

  • wow iskall is complaining about getting over 2,300 diamonds worth of netherite and 1,800 diamonds, and saying its not 2,000. my mans. over 4,000 diamonds.

  • Iskall should have put down the shulker box and flexed on all of the hermits

  • Wtf it’s been a month

  • 4:22 Hey I´ve seen that one. It´s a classic

  • Chocolate be cooked? I’m pretty sure it would melt 😂 You freeze it/ let it sit not cook 😂

  • The kurts watching this video 💀

  • You say box like book why is that???

  • People that have not watched this and is sad for him probably gonna loose profit he doesent he gets 1991 diamonds pretty soon after the full creation

  • hes like ea and apple

  • Imagine Someone found a villager or wandering trader that sells netherite or diamonds... Diamonds: Infinite money Netherite: STONKS!!!!

  • Someone should start making a bank, that you could trade all valuables or rare stuff to ores. So, u can trade like Drago Heads for 10 diamonds considering they are a bit rare. You can trade wither skulls for 15 diamonds. Or you could do netherite into diamonds or into gold. You could trade armour for diamonds and netherite. Someone should also make a shop that charges some netherite. So a netherite ingot for 40 diamonds, considering one ancient debris equals to 9 diamonds and the gold and coal needed to craft and smelt it. In my opinion this would be a great job. And the one person who either was voted for, applied for the job, or was picked by the mayor (Scar) can get 5 diamonds for every Minecraft day and night(20 mins). So he gets the money from scars throne actually. There people can also save their money their making banks underground like Gringotts (Harry Potter reference). It would be so cool if my idea was implemented into the game.

  • Iskall: The Great Omega Grind of Doom Mumbo: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!!

  • by the amount of diamonds everyone has, the ones used in builds, and the throne on the server.. HOW DO THEY NOT RUN OUT???

  • hi

  • I think we can all agree Iskall is way too generous

  • your Hellos are amazing xDDD

  • What does “KURT” mean?

  • Poor grian

  • Guys I just got the world record

  • all the clues are the most obvious things ever :/

  • Iskal acts like he’s goin to get 1800 diamonds from his shop....

  • Iskal opened the treasure island on the exact day of my birthday and time

  • Dig them down 😂😂😂😂😂

  • rip the person who gets 2 stacks of gold blocks, 2x KURT XD

  • Guys I thought that the first stack he mined was all of them, but then he opened the chest and my jaw drOPPED.

  • _"You can't control your luck when mining." -iskall85_ huh, well isn't that something.

  • After seeing how hard he worked and seeing Grian lose all his diamonds I am so sad for Iskall!

  • I think that the clue about snoring is a treasure near your bed?

  • Isn't it a joke at this point that golden tools and armor last for all of two seconds?

  • Iskall shark of doom doom doom doom doom, Iskall shark of doom doom doom doom doom

  • Grian got the omega mega awesome omega prize

  • It’s actually painful to watch iskall waste all those diamonds on a mini-game.

  • Grian found your diamonds

  • Iskall said that the amount of ancient debris that he had probably didn't seem like a lot... Clearly, the Hermitcraft standard for ancient debris has already shot up!😂

  • ISKALL you can use Blast furnaces to smelt Ancient debris Quicker.

  • Iskall “ I want them to leave with a smile on their face” *bankrupts Grian*

  • 11:40 XD

  • that is not worth the price. lower the price to 20 diamonds

  • eeeeeggggggssss

  • I watch 5 episodes a day 5 hermit i watched all day

  • Casually glossing over the box where he has 32 diamond ore as green and 16 as blue in the same box.

  • He realises that he gave everybody the clues right? So he hid the treasure but then anyone can go back and see all of the clues so there’s no need to buy them.

  • Iskall: gets stacks upon stacks of ancient debris and diamonds Also iskall: it doesn’t look like that much... Everybody watching whose probably never gotten that much: oh yeah it does

  • and grian be callin himself the netherite king smh my head

  • Was he in creative?

  • Grian got all Kurt

  • I think the shovels are too expensive

  • If iskall charged one shulker box of leaves for one treasure spoon, he might actually finish his tree.

  • Wait villagers trade netherite tools please tell me he is joking

  • Youre making it to easy for the reward

  • HEloO OF DooM

  • A treasure can be near the peak

  • It's funny how grian spent 9 stacks of diamond and won 32 diamonds and a few gold blocks XD

  • Went here after watching grian spending all of the barge's profit on the treasure island :D

  • *ovugh* *cough* *ckugh* say what now? 500 diamonds ? I'll mine for over 5 hours and only get 10 Ahh okay it took him four days makes sense

  • I mean you can figure out the clues pretty easily, but that doesn't mean you'll find the treasure as easily...

  • I think that the reason why his anvil is there is he is making something underneath his anvil of course he has putted dirt blocks below the anvil

  • show all your profit after its done

  • Those clues couldn't be more obvious

  • Only if he had shown locations of treasure

  • who came here from grian

  • kinda a big scam ngl

  • fun fact *kurt* means *wolf* im turkish

  • I thought the fact that Iskall was too generous would lose him money but I’ve just seen grians recent hermitcraft episode where he spent 9 stacks of diamonds on the game and only got 32 diamonds and a bit of gold in return. Money making genius

  • Did anyone notice that he put down a burnstick? Cause for me that sounds like a new HERMIT CHALLENGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS episode am i right?

  • Can you add a special item to the game like a 2-4tnt .

  • With so many negative comments iskall must refund everyone from the treasure island. And make more treasure and cheeper shovels.

  • Binod

  • You may also sell minor enchanted spoons for 64 dimonds . Where the spoons are all variable but have like unbreaking 1 -2 , fortune 1 , or something else . But also have curses mixed in like slow

  • Bruh the treasure island spoon price is too DAMN high :|

  • I’m like 80% sure iskall used the current item glitch that’s out right know so upload the video of you mining and prove it


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • didn't think about that ?

  • Can shovels be rapaired ?