HermitCraft 7: 36 | NETHER BASE BEGINS

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Srp 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 36 | NETHER BASE BEGINS
The new blocks in Minecraft are PERFECT for a new base, a NETHER base, a Minecraft 1.16 nether base! Iskall takes to the task and creates a new piglin bartering system (of doom)
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  • Iskall: *builds gold farm using magma blocks, ti prevent piglins from spawning on the roof* Also Iskall: I don't think we can get piglins on the roof without a hole in bedrock

  • I love how Iskall tries to make the piglin’s “apartments” as nice as he can, while Mumbo specifically puts lanterns in the same room that scare them and complains about the loud noises they are making because they are scared 😂

  • Netherite hoes are given by piglins in Bedrock not Java BTW.

  • Who else is having a rainy cozy night under your blanket and watching hirmetcraft

  • to get tem to their new "apartments"

  • Go throgh the nether portals

  • It's not a cell... It's just a tiny apartment.

  • Everyone of your subscribers watched this video

  • I wish people understood, yes this is a job for the hermits, but they enjoy this, otherwise they'd stop playing hermitcraft and play something different. Appreciate the fact they still do this, please. Because who knows. Maybe they'll get bored one day

  • I always laugh at hermits cam account names

  • I like wen he is good

  • I

  • @iskall85 a youtuber named silentswiper has a potion sorter

  • There is a bug in bedrock that is why there is a bug that give us 1 million piglin trades in 1 hour

  • Iskall says moyangs not mojangs

  • The sound of the pressure plates when he walks on them is so satisfying.😊

  • Does anyone know what the cactus is for?

  • 3:50 Precisely 14,906 iskal not 15,000 94 more then 15,000

  • I love how Grian has become an adjective for 2 things now, Grian flight and Grian castle :)

  • ISKALL ATTENTION!! You need to do a giant pile of gold

  • You should sell those gold

  • rong

  • you said mojan

  • hallo

  • Hahahaha bonak kayo

  • If you have an auto clicker you can time it until the sword recharges and get ex and gold at the same time while being afk

  • weirdal

  • 9:55 Thank you Moyang LOL

  • Hey Iskall. Catching up on your videos. An idea to make it exp afkable would be to put a memory zombie pigman at the bottom and whack a zombie. Haven’t tested it, but could work in the same way your previous gold farm worked with the 12 memory pigmen

  • iskal: i used all this gold cause its cool. we all know he wanted to say pretty

  • Who else loves that some of the Hermits 3rd person character have their opposite name-like BadTimesWithScar and TrueSymmetry

  • He could have let them spawn there u know

  • derp

  • Iskall: Blackstone is beatiful. Me,who sees it's just black diorite: I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • hello

  • U guys should check out Thrivetown Its another survival server. I like it!

  • vitas

  • flex plate

  • Iskall needs to download a auto clicker so he can afk with his looting 3 sword

  • You can sort the potions using a brewing stand

  • piglins only drop netherite hoes in bedrock

  • 3:03 I love it when Iskall occasionally sounds like Mumbo and Mumbo occasionally sounds like Iskall lol :)

  • I just call them pigmen and piglens

  • Do pigskins actually garter netherite hoes? *piglins

  • "Give up, we have you seven to one" "Then it's a fair fight"

  • "We have the best mob proofing, I talked to experts, they said nothing is better. No one else has mob proofing like us, it is the nicest, the fanciest mob proofing, ever.

  • B-O-N-K-E-R-S!!!! Bonkers. Lol

  • me!

  • IsKall: THANK YOU MO-YANG Me: Oh Who bought Mojang

  • Nobody: Iskall- MO- YIN and MO- *YANG* I mean no offense. Just a little joke.

  • Hallo

  • mojang accidentally made upside down scaffolding

  • 3:24, i think he missed some

  • Use nether portals to transport the piglins, instead of breaking bedrock.

    • Piglins zombify in the over world, it’s impossible

  • I bet he’s gonna say the mega flex is gold pressure plates

  • You should make a gold block pile!😂

  • Who misses the old zombie pig man

  • Y doesn’t java edition people use trident killers

  • Sorry iskall. Me no understand. Please talk little brain.

  • nether update comes hermits except for iskall: NETHERITE iskal: GOLD

  • Does this work on bedrock? 🥺

  • Who started watching grian realised he seems to never upload then started bingeing his perspective

  • Moyang?

  • The piglins will be in cells for my benefit ( | | ) W

  • 2Chainz would be jealous

  • His shop was right next to impulse's other shop and he didnt even check

  • In the Zombie piglens defense you do have a material that’s stronger than any material on earth that’s also magical

  • Zombie Piglins are dropping golden swords and piglins also can trade with golden swords you can use them too

  • I love how he calls it a half slab

  • “No mob can spawn on a half slab”. -*Iskall85*

  • “Whenever we have enough gold,” and I’m chillin here with a single hopper and half a stalk of gold

  • shrtlink.ca/lollichinesesexxxx50 මට කිසිවක් කීමට පෙර එය අතුරුදහන් වේ

  • @iskall85 Pop up Impulse yellow bedrock breaking shop 22:41

  • 1:35 bonkers

  • Gold pressure plates is so awesome!

  • You could use Mumbo's idea of filling a standard chest full of the nuggets from a hopper, break it next to you, (with empty slots on your bar to pick them up), and then right-click the gold bar in the build box to create ingots.

  • Beef: EXUDES OPULENCE Iskall: GOLD FLEX Beef: I am a joke to you

  • I just wrote the 6666th comment...

  • 13:41

  • That's just pants

  • At your gold farm, I see the weeping vines as 'legs' of a jellyfish - also add the fact that translucent blocks are included in your block palette

  • Ismail should make himself a Midas version of his skin

  • “Yaoll”

  • This is the first Iskall video I've seen, and don't bully me since I'm new, but ngl, Iskall really does sound like Mumbo. Like really really does

    • Don’t start at this video Go all the way back to season 7 ep 1

  • there is a way to make a non stackable item sorter. to sort things like potions, you just have a hopper running into a brewing stand. there are videos on more items.

  • Why not stick those purple chests(shulker boxes.) inside the double chest to increase capacity. I think it would get around 10k item storage.

  • You could always extend the walls past the existing ones and compare then rip down the old one.

  • It’s behind the Grian emporium.

  • The bedrock breaking shop is still there, but it’s very small which is why you didn’t see it.

  • You like to talk very much. And also your voice is ugly. Are you Norwegian?

  • I actually wanted stress to be mayor... just because she did that for a hermit challenge..

  • Richskal

  • Iskall: I can't find the shop! Scar: This is why I am going to build roads!

  • its funny that essentially graffiti is a normal thing that everyone does

  • 4.50 just a little basad like no biggie that is well built

  • use gold blocks to trade

  • After the season ends I’m gonna rescue those piglins !

  • Cant he bounce minecrats with slime? I think it can be bounced up

  • Nice Netherack texture pack send me the link

  • 9:54 "thank you moyang"