Datum objavljivanja: 7. Srp 2020.
The OMEGA Tree House base is coming along and today, iskall finishes the tree house base canopy, the lowest level of the canopy is ALL completed!
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  • hermy;t chslenges

    • mumboskall85

    • Hey

    • BuRnStiCkS

    • hi mumbo i am a big fan and i love your vids. please pin comments more on iskalls channel. that would be nice. i really hope one day i will be part of hermitcraft season 8 or 9 or 10 or-you get it

    • Mumbo knows how 2 spell

  • Hi my name is probuilder and I don’t have much friends so sense I’m a really BIG fan do you want to be friends with me.please please please

  • Chalelnges! Initiation!!!

  • Hermytmri!!!!!

  • The whole "yessing" in the beginning was REALLY annoying.

  • 5:19 dancing squid

  • iskall's skin with no vest looks so naked. please put it back on sir

  • Why is every thing of doom

  • Iskall just going 'yes' in the intro bc he got zoom is great

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!

  • Hi I love all your videos

  • 19:34, i was drinking a sip of pepsi and that caught me so off guard it came out my nose, ive only ever laughed that hard one other time in my life

  • "I've got a ton of wood, well not literally a ton" That amount of oak wood in real life would be around 11,000 tons. I think you have plenty.


  • what happened to your jacket

  • Grian : extremely loud time lapse music Iskall : almost non existing time lapse music Can't anybody do a time lapse with a decent volume???

  • Yes

  • His vest is gone again.

  • Imagine the time a lightning strike iskalls base and it goes on fire!

  • More like: Hermitree Challenges 😆

  • the fun thing about building a tree base is that trees grow so ~theoretically~ he could just keep building it forever :3

  • Nothing wrong with a nice cozy log cabin!

  • i really like how iskall color codes his shulker boxes its satisfying! grian's shulker boxes drive me low key insane

  • "I know I'm always a beauty queen" - MumboJumbo 2k20

  • Ok lol


  • He should put shroom light like light in Christmas

  • I played Minecraft with english upside down

  • Iskall you are literally my favorite hermit I love when you randomly say "hallo?"

  • Stop saying completed, its Complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6:20 The horse in the pond is confused why you ruined her tranquility

  • hey iskall85 you should put music in your timelaps

  • Iskall, you can turn of the fog in the nether grain did it while making his upsidown mansion

  • “It looks...(doesn’t want to insult the monstrosity)...it doesn’t look that good.”

  • Ngl I fell asleep watching this yesterday and woke up to 19:36, followed by Mumbo’s “thanks for shouting dude” and oh boy was that an experience

  • just turn off fog in settings It will help you in the nether

  • nukestop5

  • 4:00 no symmetry false: yes nk symmetry

  • "if you put makeup on a pig, it's still a pig." -iskall85 2020

  • Iskall: I forgot I din’t have aqua ifinity on my helmet Me: you don’t have a helmet.

  • teamedge

  • This is perfect to remix 8:23

  • Hmm interesting what will happen if the lighting hits this then that would be sad

  • Turn off the nether fog, you see all or you see nothing.

  • also iskall you forgot your vest again

  • iskall:yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... hallo

  • is that were the baboon from lion king is gonna live? LOL

  • 13:50 Me: of DOOM

  • Why is grian has no episode 38+

  • make a map of the omega tree.

  • No one: Iskall: NethARRRack

  • Hermit challenges initiation yay

  • 0:24 Oh we can zoom all the way to the moon from this great wide wacky world....

  • yes

  • Do a challenge for making a netherite beacon

  • You sir, treat your omega tree like a middle aged man treats his hairline! "Oh no it looks hollow there as well!" vs "I look bald from that angle as well!"

  • Imagine if the other hermits helped him put all the leafs on

  • Overworld blocks are humans too - iskall85 2020

  • He should make apples hanging from the tree

  • Nobody Not a single soul Iskall in the starting of the video: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES ME LIKE ZOOM

  • when i see these videos i always think what it would look like if that caught on fire

  • How long 'till the intro gets remixed?

  • yes. yes! YES! Hallo

  • I really hope that someone adds a tire swing to Iskaals tree as a prank

  • everytime iskall says hello i go AWW

  • Iskall: *builds an enormous tree base of doom* Also Iskall: *waits until the build is practically done to build a proper wood farm (of doom) with shulker box dispension* Build a building (of doom) enitrely out of your gold blocks in your industrial district. Omega flex (of doom).

  • I'm sure someone already told you but there is a fog:off option in your settings for the nether. It helps a lot.

  • You should make a “bikupa” in the tree.

  • You can turn off the fog in the neither. Grian does it when he is building his base

  • 1:28 dose it look like he’s falling?

  • There is a setting to make the nether clear

  • G E T M Y S U I T B A C K

  • Iskall85: "There's no symmetry at all" False symmetry: "Good"

  • 15:50 scared me

  • Hermit Challenges, but stress isn't here *confused grian/architect fans*

  • You can turn off fog in setting to make it clear in the nether iskall

  • You can turn off nether fog in settings

  • You can turn off fog in minecraft -_-

  • Build the church of hermit challenges

  • The mega tree is sooo impressive

  • Iskall:is he- is he gonna murder me? *2 seconds later* Mumbo:attempts murder

  • Romanian: unde ieși ?

  • Is iskall always the first to leave hermit challenges because he is the one that always wants to get out of there

  • In video settings you can turn fog off in optifine and the nether will be clear

  • Sir IskallMAN the First, Lord of the Omega Tree (of doom...)

  • Quickest 25 minutes ever

  • Iskall, bro. Your content is so down to earth and relaxing. Just a fun video to watch with no negativity or real life influence. Thanks man your videos are a good reality escape

  • The first 15 seconds: me vibing with the boys 0:00 - 0:15

  • Yes there is the fog button Or night vision

  • Jag är e stolt svensk som kan skriva åäö

  • I don't know why but the way you shout "GET MY SUIT BACK!" kills me every time. Watched it like 10 times and I'm still laughing!

    • I need that as a ring/text tone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kept saying yes in the beginning almost thought it was porn

  • This video has made me realise how mumbo has neglected/abandoned his industrial district.

  • You should stick a face on your tree and name it the great deku tree. Never been done before

  • CEO of yes

  • Watch as Iskall will need that SINGULAR oak sapling that he threw out of his inventory 2:20 can I get an f in the chat for the oak sapling ;(

  • That intro felt like you were parodying wwe superstar Daniel Bryan, with the whole yes thing

  • You CAN ACTUALLY TURN OFF Fog in the Settings menu! I think I just made Optifine sooo much better.

  • ”Put makeup on a pig” *Flashbacks to iskall trying to figure out what turd means*

  • I might be late with this idea, but I think it would be cool to build a swing from one of the branches