Datum objavljivanja: 18. Kol 2020.
Treasures in Minecraft is always fun, be it diamonds, stacks of diamonds, or MASSIVE AMOUNT OF diamonds, and netherite ingots, it's always fun. For that reason iskall resurrects iskall's treasure island, and levels it up a notch!
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  • iskall's most commonly said phraise: "As I was saying before I got sidetracked." LUL

  • “Treasure spoon”

  • Too bad you couldn't put a sunken ship nearby.

  • I did the math and it would take half a day to get 148 diamond blocks which is equal to 2,000 diamonds but wasn't his goal 10,000 diamonds

  • 8:29 RIP innocent dolphin To be fair it wasn't smart to jump on land though

  • #iskall85 Maybe you could use some vines to decorate the inside of your tree Copy this everyone maybe he will read it then Credits : ME

  • It is at 16 seconds

  • Look at 33 second and when he is looking at the stair case to6 can see someone peek over and then eun back

  • The idea of this treasure island is, intentionally or unintentionally, an exact recreation of the experiences at the Oak Island Money Pit: many cycles of people with varying, questionable sources of wealth coming to a deserted island making several, futile attempts look for buried treasure while finding evidence of failed past experiences. Look it up, it's fantastically interesting!

  • Who else saw the dolphine at 8:25

  • 8:30 did you see the dolphin?

  • Mumbo: Hey G, are you at your nether base? Grian: not atm Mumbo: ok good :) Im scared what happened there

  • Grian has a gambling problem

  • Very suspicious TALK at 23:05

  • It isn’t herobrien it’s just Iskall .8:46

  • Did anyone notice the dolphin slowly dying on the left? F in the chat. RIP 8:29

  • Grian: I need diamonds... decides to take on treasure island *puts a big hit in iskalls bank account*

  • Ask bdoubleo100 to help you with the interior for some diamonds

  • This. That. This is illegal. 17:32.

  • 8:29 look at the dolphin in the background

  • Can anyone point me to a video explaining how to build the spoon dispenser?

  • "to randomize shovel" ok lol 18:34

  • Gillar att du satte "bro" huvudet på bron

  • I can't wait for level 3.Grian is just stupid


  • 6:02 Hallo, do ya hav a trident? LOL

  • Iskall cares so much about the other hermits-he goes mining for hours to use for a treasure, and he doesn’t even have the stuff for himself! He is awesome!

  • TBE

  • What

  • oh man, this is SUCH a fun idea. I really love it.

  • Iskall should’ve added cocoa beans for added detail on the trees. They would’ve looked like cocoa nuts.

  • 😂lol

  • 2020 😎😎😎😎🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lol in my country we say bro for bridge so it's bridge on bridge

  • 13:55 excuse me ? Bad edit?

  • I challenge you to a game of chess

  • You could've bought a sponge from the wandering trader to trade for the micro sponge

  • That may well be the first accidental PASSIVE mob farm lol

  • After seeing what Grian got from 2 boxes after buying several spoons, I think Iskall’s interpretation of “really valuable” is very very very......inaccurate! 🤣

  • Everyone: Iskall keeps wasting his money After seeing all the other hermit’s videos: Wow what a great scam, iskall!

  • From now on, I shall be using the term "dig down" instead of "bury". It makes more sense, its the opposite of "dig up"

  • He could’ve put efficiency on them and then in enchant them

  • Burnstickssssss

  • Am I going crazy or In Grians video the shovels were made out of gold?

  • bror d va is kallt 🥶🥶🥶

  • 13:59 ..

  • I am from the future. You completed your 10,000 diamond goal because of a few other mini-games and your shops but one day something happened and you lost it all. Keep watching Iskall85 to follow his rise and downfall on the Hermitcraft server.

  • Since you're a digger for randomness too do you wanna do a challenge with the random drops/random crafting mods.

  • you say good gold is bad and you make way to much profit use 32 dimonds get whorts of 31

  • you brake the law right now you only say it in the vidio and bad tings you get grian spent 500 dimend idk how much but much??????

  • you do brake the inr law you dont say you have bad spons

  • This game is such a ludicrous rip-off. This isn't the first time you've absolutely fleeced your fellow hermitcrafters. How about you give capitalism a rest for a while?

  • 9:57

  • You should put trap doors over your omega diamond chest. So you don't have to destroy the blocks every time lol

  • Wait what! I never knew that u can enchant the flint and steel🙃

  • Iskall, why didn't you just break grass with the shovels...

  • Episode 47..... Iskall becomes an Angry Bird knocking out the Bad Piggies.

  • well this got me mad because I watched Grian and this man made a game which made some people broke because of the poorly chosen treasures inside so I just gave this vid a dislike when I got this in my recommended somereason.

  • U have made a scam

  • Grian : You scammer Iskall85 : Its buisness😂😂

  • So funny that the trader literally was selling sponges 🤣.

  • who came from Grian to see what the treasure island prizes are?

  • You need to build a shipwreck sight on the island!!!

  • Umm your island is crooked and disappointing for anyone that uses it. You need to issue refunds and update!

  • lol i came to this video just after his most recent one and they both started with 'I have a *bit* of a problem'. Iskall is a problematic man

  • 11:27

  • Love how he says it’s a bit ‘too much’ when the other time he said 1 diamond BLOCK for a higher chance on getting a rlly good shulker box 😂

  • Iskall, you can place a haste 2 beacon to speed up the shovel damaging method

  • Everybody psa stampys lovely world is back every Wednesday

  • Anyone else notice the dolphin in the corner 8:30 🤣😂🤣

  • You can get leaves with shears you don’t need silk touch

  • iskall: "The problem is my diamond income" Me: "The problem is you cant go five minutes without spending a diamond on something you could probably get yourself"

  • Who’s here after impulse spent 256 diamonds for nothing?

  • charrot and pickin

  • Did anyone else see the dolphin at 8:31

  • Instead of beating island is oak all island

  • You should have renamed the "spoons" to the coords of the island instead of putting the coords on the sign.

  • You should have renamed the "spoons" to the coords of the island instead of putting the coords on the sign.

  • Iskall should add a shipwreck on the treasure island

  • Was anyone reminded of the DSD (dig straight down) game Grian made last season?

  • Iskall: using diamonds to get diamonds

  • "I'm broke" Casually fully enchants flint and steel... Should have added fire aspect Edit: 8:28 top right corner dolphin..

  • This is not a chicken on this island, this is a parrot ! That's why mumbo got him

  • “Netherite ingots are the greatest treasure” What about blocks?

  • Still could have put efficiency on the shovels

  • 2029 mojang taking classes for iskall to make trees lol

  • You know, you could have set up a haste 2 beacon to damage the tools faster.

  • You should have enchanted the shovels to mine bolcks faster when you were breaking them then disenchant them after

  • Iskall why don’t you make small kitchens/brewing room/Crafting space in those small rooms in your Omega Tree just for looks as you will never use those stairs but it will still look nice ☺️

  • hrdown.info/block/video/pWmCiKmtiLiCi8k have fun

  • I'm the only one that thinks he has seen this episode again?

  • ISKALL wandering trader was selling spinges for 3 emeralds!

  • Your a diorite lover

  • With your shovels, id suggest taking them all to 1 durability and charging 1 diamond each, meaning you can mine one block per diamond paid, which even then will not be overly costly with the planned rewards.

  • Meanwhile mumbo and grian in the chat I think we all know what's gonna happen

  • Hey,Iskall what about a shulker Box shop

  • Iskall, for the breaking of the wooden shovels you should enchant them with efficiency, then when there broken enough disenchant them with a grindstone.

  • 11:55 /summon charrot

  • He should just do this to all the other islands lol