HermitCraft 7: 6 | OMEGA TREE BASE START!

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 6 | OMEGA TREE BASE START!
Iskall starts his mega base for hermitcraft season 7 ; a giant tree house build. It turns out to be harder then he thinks! Iskall also gets some villagers, meets up with Etho, tries to contact Stressmonster, and... at the end of, he gets a population!
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  • Hi! I see a lot of comments about double sided bark, I thouhgt I mentioned my strategy around that in the video but may have missed it :D I am going to replace the top part with the bark wood once ive got the structure down, but it's easier to keep to one block while structuring it out :P

  • That's not how tree grow

  • Sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cooòoool

  • Who the heck is The_Grifter, seen at 2:50? Somebody's camera account?

  • "When in doubt - use pistons" Iskall, 2020

  • 22:05 It can grow to a pile of lols...

  • Iskall: Looks at diamond pile he mined My brain: there is one imposter among us...

  • I know you won’t see this but I think impulse made the villager breeder design

  • l love how he calls it a house

  • iskall do u play windows 10 edition or java?

  • little does he know eventuaky he completely replaces the throne with mycelium..

  • It's coming together well

  • if i had a penny for every time a youtuber i watch chose a tree as a base, i'd have two pennies, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • 18:03 There is one imposter among us

  • 11:46 What a beautiful name for the villager

  • Great work Iskall I’m looking back at this video and remembering how good the old times were

  • If Iskall lives in a giant tree is he Iskall the termit hermit

  • The tree looks amazing thank you very much

  • You don't have symmeTREE

  • You said IOU and Ice Man so all i could think about was Sherlock


  • Mhm yep stacks of carrots and uhh a sixteen pixel house so would u like to buy?

  • Iskall: The base will definitely NOT be a perfect circle Grian season 6: THIS JAS TO BE A PERFECT CIRCLE

  • So I did a little bit off camera

  • Did anyone else get this recommended 6months later

  • I know I am late, just now starting Iskalls Season 7. But to say how many diamonds that is (10,000), without fortune you would have to mine an average of 4,612,612 blocks.

  • All other trees look like a lot of grass in front of the omega tree Go see the tree now in his latest videos

  • Hey iskall how do you find diamonds so easily

  • pay 10 diamonds to have a nether block removed... at x=0, y=101,101,010

  • 7:47 the tree was looking like a dragon

  • Watching every season of hermit craft


    • Main's Landscape Supply you said his name wron

  • How long does it take to get extra?!

  • Always afk over a hopper tip from a noob who is a pro

  • I wonder how he is going to protect it from fire, and also thunderbolts (which can start a fire).

    • Theres no fire-tick in hermitcraft s7

  • Who else is watching this in 1993

  • This would have been SOOOO much easier with an elytra

  • Him at the start: "It's not the best armor..." Me who just got iron armor on my survival world: ...................

  • 12:50 villager breeder design

  • Outrow music starts sad viewer noises

  • Bring back memories

  • i know that i am saying this late but did anybody notice that the bottom of the lake has a shape of a tree trunk why did he not just use that

  • The tree looks like the giant tree from avatar the last airbender from the episode the swamp

  • Wanna make 10000 dias in the season.. make a villiger tradehall your #1 prio next time ^^

  • 👁👄👁 comment OF DOOM

  • A comment OR DOOM

  • I love this series even though its iskall85 and you can barely understand him

    • Well I don't know where you are from but i can perfectly understand him 😅

  • im currently doing an iskall85 s7 marathon. this is quite entertaining

  • Who is The_Grifter?

    • @B 3 N namemc.com/search?q=twomuchgrian the_grifter was his cem acct when this video was published

    • @Name Jeff Grian's cam acct is two much Grian though

    • Grian's Cam acct / alt

    • Idk

    • I wanted to ask that too

  • hey iskall your in a desert u dont get thunder storms it doesnt even rain

  • Scar:magical village Iskall:OF DOOOOOOM!

  • Hello Bart

  • The start of something amazing 👏

  • I think at 11:40 to 11:44 is super funny

  • 11:45 hello

  • I appreciate iskall. He is still being energetic to us even though he lost all of his stuff.

  • You forgot the doom at the beggining

  • Iskall: otherwise there's going to be an explosive boom tree Me: so its going to be a sandbox tree. If you don't know what it is look it up. It is a crazy tree

  • I dream a lot asleep that I join hermitcraft😢😞

  • U only need a few carrots for them to breed😑

  • Iskall: I only have 12 diamonds Jacksspticeye in the distance: HAH POOR Just saying the fact he has 12 diamonds is really good I can’t barely even get any😂

  • I named my netherite sword iskallibur #1

  • Did anyone else think about human trafficking when he put the villagers together and they had the baby P.S I'm not crazy I just have a weird brain

  • I know this is way way in the past. But why couldn’t the tree base be the, Tree of Life aka (Banyan-grove tree) like from Avatar the Last Airbender? That would be sick. In fact......I think I’ll make the Tree of Life in my Minecraft world. Tree of Doom you have met your match😅

  • That is most simplest villager breeding I’ve ever seen

  • i love iskalls laugh lmao

  • Iskall get a elytra

  • He has a plus side to forgetting to log off he should have tons of slime depending on where he stopped

  • dear iskall85, how did you join hermitcraft and how could i join hermitcraft?

    • The Hermitcraft server is a Vanilla SMP Server and is a private (whitelisted) server made by content creators and not open to the public. The world download is released at the end of the season.

    • to join you have to be invited by people already on the server

  • dude, just dude, how!? You have a massive set of roots, an AFKable tree farm! A giant slime farm! A skeleton spawner! All in EPISODE 6!?!?!? once again, DUDE

  • hometree?

  • Anyone else binge watching iskall on hermitcraft during lockdown

  • dont like the video... its at 69k likes

  • Remember slime just comes in while you stand there. For books you have to do hours of trading

  • Skall next time you need a becon do 9 at the bottom then one in the center saves a lot of blocks

  • Bart more like Fart 💨 😂🤣😹

  • I've hardly ever seen hermits goof off like you and Etho did. That was awesome. Most of the time, you guys just do your business and then go back to whatever you were doing, but you guys were goofing off with bamboo. That was the highlight of my day

  • I know I'm late but last season it was mumbo afk Lets do a stress monster afk

  • Do you need a 'Did You Die Box?'

  • Logicalgeekboys design of the vilecherbreader

  • iskall then: a lot of wood laughs in iskall now

  • Damn these guys are getting scammed with the books

  • it really does sound like he is saying 'oh klogs' wich is really funny to me

  • "When in doubt, use pistons." - iskall85, 2020

  • I had a puppy named Bart but he die

  • It is Impulse design of the villager breeder

  • Iskals tree: (-_-) One flinty boi: (^o^) Iskals Tree: *terrified screaming*

  • Hey iskall you can also use some bread, it doens't take a lot of bread :)

  • I am in awe of how long it took me to start watching you! Your videos are amazing dude!

  • Me any time I see a tiny villager: BEHBEH Pewdiepie ruined me

  • Iskal: makes a giant tree and needs logs Also iskal: boxes his villager in with logs

  • 12:02

  • Hold on 12:03 THERES THrEe?!?!?

  • I literally just got on my pc after I forgot to log out and lost everything

  • Hey Guys, so I tried this design of breeder for my survival map and it was working just fine, turns out that it stopped working They started emitting angry particles The solution was to add more beeds in the sides, 4 more to be exact I dont know if this is because I have the other ones down below of the breeder at my base, but when I put down the other 4 beds it started working If anybody has this issue should definitely try this, hope I could've help you out

  • : D

  • can we all appreciate ethos kakashi skin?

  • Did anyone noticed that one emerald ore in that diamond pile? [pesky Ore!!] :D

  • Eat pant