HermitCraft 7: 3 | THE 10,000 BLOCK FARM

Datum objavljivanja: 4. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 3 | THE 10,000 BLOCK FARM
Challenged by MumboJumbo to dig out 10,000 blocks already in episode 3 of HermitCraft season 7, iskall gets to it, and decides to play an uno reverse card on Mumbo
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Bro you will love toon towers


  • you are the slim king

  • Hej iskall du är väll svensk

  • 20:21 ok lol

  • Last season he lived in icy biome this season he had to travel all the way to the icy biome

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    • @Van Pulli also you need discord

    • @Van Pulli ok just fill out the form when able to join us

    • @Chill Ville in a few months I am going to switch to pc so I might be able play then

    • @Van Pulli Also I cant accept because we play on java sorry.

    • @Van Pulli I need your discord numbers too in order to contact you

  • Slime!? Excuse me sir, I think you mean Iskallium.

  • It’s a chicken, not a fat parrot, it’s a chicken -Iskall85

  • for a cahlege he mumbo should get a stack of beacons

  • Okay, stop talking about a chicken named „parrot“, and let's talk about vaults: Mumbo- built a vault for himself and even is planning to build one in a snail's shell for Scar, just to keep „Grian the plunderer“ away; Iskall: straps trapdoor on a wall with a lever and calls it: „the vault for 10'000 diamonds“ lol!!!!! Mumbo is now a real clarified „VAULT DOOR MAN! “ LOL.!... ..

  • 20:59 "and his Grey ass"

  • ...so mumbo accidentally caused your slime monopoly?

  • you should've just named a block "10,000 blocks" and mined it

  • play 20w45a

  • Slimes are actually cute😥

  • I had forgotten how hilarious the charrot bit was

  • Owo owo owo owo

  • or you could tower up really high and place water so it freezes just saying

  • I love iskalls laugh

  • How was this ep three

  • Baby slimes are just adorable, they just want hugs.

  • Binge watching in Oct. Don't judge.

  • I've never seen an item aligning machine before, I didn't even know that was possible!

  • What I like about the first 5 episodes every season. The hermits play Minecraft like casuals. No haste 2 beacons. No diamond inflation No crazy farms that produce 2000 slime balls every hour

  • seeing mumbo’s videos first about never finding a parrot, before seeing iskall PICK ONE UP ALONG THE WAY is fucking hilarious

  • /FK GJ.,NBK.v/ CQkfrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeL

  • This popped up on my recommended thinking he uploaded again and I hot so disappointed

  • Iskall sounds like iskall Mumbo sounds like mumbo Grian sounds like grian False sounds like false Stress sounds like stress Everyone else sounds like scar

  • I just wanted to tell you that the 12 bamboo is in auction rn

  • Hos name is prononced ees kall

  • Iskall's face when he realizes he could've just built up and put a water source to get ice...

  • three cheers for parrot the chicken

  • Lol

  • Hey Iskall if you see this i have known you for i short amount of time but i have already subscribed i think you are an incredible and funny youtuber! Keep going you are doing amazing !!!!!

  • bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I forget that he's using a stone hoe, not a netherite one lol!

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  • You can't get notch apple even in creative

  • ijevin is sad

  • Can someone tell me how this farm works

  • I like how you put the Iron Gloms in the modal like that of the farm. It is better them on putting them on the side of the farms in the walls. I was sad that Mumbo could not find any PARROTS at all thanks to Grain killing them all. Did you know about that??? Hmmm?

  • 100,000 block slime farm?

  • It only took me 4 hrs to mine 5000 blocks with a stone pickaxe for my slime farm

  • RIP baby slime 4:33 4:36

  • I made an ice farm with frost walker boots.

  • Slimy balls

  • How can i find slime chunks in 1.16?

  • The parrot will return

  • One or three he says. 😂

  • you said 3rd party time-lapse instead of 3rd person time-lapse😂😂😂

  • I came here from.future. ..in future. You are gonna earn lots of. Diamond from grain. Through treasure Island. ❤️❤️

  • I like beetroot.......😥

  • I like how he throw diamonds in the caldron lol

  • Charrot origin!

  • Theyre like a married couple

  • 0:37 and here kids. it all started

  • Let's not forget that Mumbo was the one who rigged the ceiling to explode just because he did not sell any memberships for Sahara.

  • I dug a whole chunk only for it not to be a slime chunk smh.

  • your lucky you had two slime chunks next to each other i'm on my friends server i don't know seed and id to mine 5 chucks to get one using a stone pick

  • OMG it's not a parrot

  • iskall: i’m going to try and mine out all this iron for a beacon. Also Iskall: covers over atleast 4 iron ore😂

  • So Iskall could have just broke a block renamed it 10,000 blocks placed it and technically he broke 10,000 blocks

  • omg i hate killing slimes, their so cute idk.

  • is cow kill the chicken that mumbo renamed the parot

  • Who else loves iskaal's voice?

  • Lol he complains so much about the mining. I did the same thing but with unenchanted stone pickaxes. D=

  • Iskall:that's not a parrot Mumbo:my parrot is strong and independent look at your pathetic parrot

  • 15:22 the chest

  • They should use a website called Chunkbase.com. You put in your world seed and it tells you where to find biomes villages ruined portals end city’s and more

  • God mumbo is annoying

  • Just before he said “ and unfortunately diorite “ my HRdown crashed😂 Perfectly timed

  • 17:37 that squeak! XD

  • You accidentally ban me on Twitch can you please unban me I did nothing bro

  • iskall do a episode of just mining

  • Anyone else think of the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch?...Anyone?...God, I’m old.

  • He used ice not a bucket of water lol

  • If Mumbo and Grian had a baby=Iskall

  • mumbo destroyed iskall

  • mumbo has still barely used any slime

  • What a fun accent. Where are you from?

    • Marss 07 Sweden :)

  • Iskall: _has bones_ Mumbo: nahh... Iskall: _has a bunch of slime_ Mumbo: SHUDDUP AND TAKE MY BAMBOO

  • 4:32 hello dude, i'm really sorry about this... but- * *instantly tank game ad with a big boom at the start* *

  • The OMEGA flex (of doom)

  • The 12 bamboo really didnt make you rich. Just gave mumbo a new fit xD

  • Iskall your voice sounds like a brainiac explaining to children

  • MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i just love the way that chicken looks at mumbo like: dude, the disguise didnt work, give up

  • How do you know it’s a slime chunk

    • @Reid P? you need the seed of the world and use chunkbase,just search it on google. Works both for bedrock and java

    • @Reid P? i dont know how to on ps4

    • Tesla89 on ps4

    • You could know that using the seed of the world and go to google and search mineatlas and insert seed then

  • Give him a challenge to mine you diamonds

  • I come from the future iskall now has 2 million subscribers

  • Iskall: "OMG! A Notch Apple!" Captions: "M not chapel" Me:😲

  • Anyone knows the coordinate?

  • 21:13 A legend was born

  • Mumbo totally "uno reversed" your "uno reverse" card lol


  • How did you find out its a slime chunk?

  • Bone blocks are rarer

  • His so swedish haha Iskall=icecold

  • U can just write 10,000 blocks on a sign than mine it and say i mined 10,000 blocks. Lol