HermitCraft 7: 41 | THE OMEGA REWARD

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Srp 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 41 | THE OMEGA REWARD
Mining netherrite scrap to make netherrite blocks is a task and a half, iskall presents a mega, nej, omega generous reward for the new leaf games, in addition to starting the signup for the games!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Hermit challenges challenge: build a very clearly arrogant moose

  • Hi

  • "it explodes." "Ah."

  • i wasn't laughing because mumbo have a weird suit i laugh because of his laugh ehehehehe

  • Imagine bernie and grumbot are best friends

  • Use beds to mine netherite.

  • Who has gone back and watch all of the other hermitcrafts that iskall has been in

  • Too late but you shouldve made a tunnle bore.

  • im so thankful you got rid of that red mouth (due to similarities to racist caricatures)


  • I love your timelaps its so satisfying to listen you breaking the blocks

  • Iskall has enchanted flint and steel Minecraft story mode flashbacks

  • 14:50 "what happens if we get to the top, dude?" "it explodes." "ah." "hm:"

  • 8 yellow concrete. Right?

  • Hermit challenges make something made out of netherite as big as tree

    • That’s a lot of netherite!!!

  • Put fire on the orb thing on the tree monster

  • I like how Bernie's eyes follow you wherever you go

  • The fact he spelled underneath wrong is annoying me

  • mumbos suit looks like bamboo

  • Permit challengers

  • Laughing intensifies...........

  • iskall: what did you use to make the tie? Mumbo: The blood of my enemies

    • That’s what I was thinking actually lol

  • Last season you should have made Berny Sanders for Sahara

  • Iskall: Only the middle part, the stick, is different Me: instantly looks in the comments

  • 14:49 when mumbo asked the question, an ad popped up with mega boss music which made it seem as though the top would summon satan from hell

  • Iskal: you know what’s better than 2? Me: 2.1!

  • You can use an auto clicker and time it when your sword recharges you can get ex and gold while being afk

  • Why is Iskall so generous? Goodness, I feel so bad that he’s giving the netherite away! And on top of that, he’s doing the tree imprint thing! Neither of them were needed and it would have been so much better for him. Now I feel bad

  • Hermit challenge: Play one episode with your max FPS set at ten

  • Top tip: It seems there are more ancient debris along the chuck borders.

  • Noooo I don’t have Twitter I can’t see the behind the scenes dang it

  • Hermit Challengers: use FOV 30 for one episode

  • grian literally made a throne out of netherite

  • Who all got triggered cause he didnt use beds!🤣🤣 Anyways love ur vids!!

  • The Nether Timelapse was a dope camera angle!

  • 11:38 Iskall: We’re not really halfway there. Me: you are exactly halfway there...

  • Do give iskall 64 ancient debris

  • I really don't know why why but i can't stop laughing at this scene: 6:02

  • I love how you say ‘HALLO’ helloooooo

  • are we not gonna talk about why mumbo left the game so quick after iskall showed up behind him???????!!!!!

  • use tnt

  • Yay

  • Today On Iskall: Were gonna be doing a little mining sesion, it should only be a couple min. Reality:2772726263728363728291928623772636272727363636363663636362718818373764367 hr. °.°

  • blackhole

  • In every montage there is a “hallo” and it’s my favorite part Edit: Also, doesn’t Mumbo’s suit look a little bit like sugar cane?

  • "I can almost say that were half way there never mind I can't say we're half way there" when he's exactly half way there 11:30

  • 🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋🔋 📲📱📩💷💶💵💴

  • 10:17 had me crying my kind of humour 😂😂

  • Me : let's watch an usually video Iskall: Haloo

  • Iskall you should mine around netherite you found, I always find more when I do😁

  • Bernie for president! wait...

  • Lol

  • U shuld say to the hernits thet u can only put oke leave in the shulkers

  • Mumbos suit matches the bamboo

  • 4 is impossible, probably 2 vain with another one close

  • Just me or do you guys also get really excited when you find soul sand thinking it's ancient debris to then be sorely disappointed

  • iskall! mine 8 more ancient deebris so you would have 420 in the tab

  • 12:12 u saw nothing.

  • Make a netherite shovel!

  • Hermit challenges 1 million leafs Around 1 month late but.. ow I really did dnt think that through

  • If i were you i would give them 1000 block of gold

  • Mumbo looks like a taste sugercane juice

  • Hermit challenges idea: add more to hermit challenges

  • Hermit challenges : get goodest lol

  • Hermit Challenge: "Collect 5 shulkers of leaves for The Hedge Games

  • Reach the end! Not there yet! Almost there! Yay you did it Here’s your reward: 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💸💸💸💸💸💶💶💶💴💴💴💰💰💰💰💰💎💎💎💎💰💴💵💴💶💶💴💰💴🧯 Don’t ask

  • Hermit challenge - Give Iskall 10 shuckers of leaves

  • shorturl.ca/363lovecutexxx ඔව් යමක් විය හැකියඑසේ නොවේද

  • you ruined him

  • Iskall:"I believe the fasted way to get ancient debris is to use beds, but -" AD:"I'm a republican..."

  • Iskall is wayyyyyy too nice, he practically gives all of his stuff away and he suffers losses 99% of the time. Hypothetically he will make 20 diamond blocks from gold farm tickets and them turn around and use 30 blocks to go buy wood. Way too nice to everybody, maybe instead make a minecraft living in the game just like everybody else.

  • Wow GRAVELS from piglin farm and gun powder could have give you such better deal

  • Can he do a video in swedish but with english subtitles ? that would be coooool

  • Iskall: bubble mining! Grain: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Hermit challenge make grian do more challenges

  • I swear.. you're just asking Ely to remix stuff, aren't you?

  • You could have just put a entree fee of 1 diamond block and the winner would get all of the diamond blocks put by other hermits.

  • 3:42 he rhymes soo good

  • Binod the leave master🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I forgot to set my spawn before my first dragon fight =[

  • 5:25-6:14 and after (I can't be bothered to go look) You love those ASMR timelapses don't you?

  • Hermit challenges (initiation) challenger's challenge idea: Play an entire episode with as many inconveniences as possible. (Inverted camera, third person view, left hand Etc.)

  • You should add music on you time laps it just adds some entertainment

  • the acual best way to get ancient debries is to use tnt

  • discord.gg/auT2w7V

  • I found 5 viens together and it looked like a vine of 6.

  • 🌮🌮🌮

  • initiate scar to hermit challenges

  • When ur two weeks behind on ur hermitcraft episodes: no sleep for me

  • hermit challenge idea play an entire episode with narrator mode on and subtitles for sounds

  • I love when Iskall gets the giggles

  • Lotery with extra steps

  • Hermit challenge idea: Get 5 blocks of nethe rite and 5 becons

  • Is it just me or is his mining song BEAUTIFUL. 😂

  • Next season iskalls goal will be 10k neterite

  • 2000 diamond challenge to 10 netherite block challenge

  • Iskall: has pickaxe, shovel, axe and leggings in diamonds Also iskall: gathers hundreds of ancient debris to have leaves

  • You gave way to much away as a reward should have done 3 netherite, 5 beacons and 10 diamond

  • get rid of the bark reward, having someones face in the tree would ruin the build

  • Robert the Robot