Minecraft Experts 9 | HAMSTER TIME | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Vel 2020.
Iskall discovers hamsters and hamster power, and tries to figure out how to generate power from the hamsters, all doesnt go to plan...
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  • i wish this series would continue

  • 10:50 im sorry is that a cobweb tree

  • The thumbnail is a perfect representation of what happens to this series

  • Rodders jumped into the sink i think


  • if dodney came back so did lenny

  • I like for Rodney so sad :(

  • I saw the hamster on the sink

  • Sounds like you're using your hamsters as guinea pigs!

  • Was that not the hamster in the sink?

  • Iskall loves his dogs to death? That’s why he puts them in hamster wheels to generate power for his house!

  • "Loving animals to death, having two dogs", isn't vegan, or even active in protecting or rescuig animals? Fucking hypocrite

  • Rodney is on the sink iskall

  • You and Etho each have one hamster. Whoever generates more power over a few episodes gets a gift from the other player

  • Hamster power please!!!

  • 21:10 dont worry am not going to kill him 😉

  • "The hamsters are very hard to spot." *Giant health bars above everything's head.* "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Has anyone else found you can move two villagers in one mine cart if you push a boat over the minecart!!

  • when does hermit craft 7 start im super exited

  • 10:17 my american senses are tingling

  • I had déjà vu at 2:05

  • Make it the back up power hampster

  • I'm hungry...

  • YES!!! Make a Hamster Pen/Farm... If you dont do it, please ask Etho to do it.

  • 15:27 - well that is ... questionable

  • Rodney was in the sink when you left to go find other hamsters. You move way too quick sometimes.

  • Pls more hamster

  • Hamsters are so cute :3

  • wut happened to funcraft

  • I love hamsters there so cute

  • Hermit craft 7 u should go end busting as soon as someone beat the Dragon and go end busting and sell eltrya and shulkers overpriced

  • i love this series but are you still going to upload funcraft?

  • New Vid???

  • Travel easily with Slime slingshoot + Glider

  • If chunk loafers are in the pack it may make a hampster farm reliable

  • 5 days without a upload?? What happened?

  • Hamster labour...


  • HAMSTER POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iskall: :can i put him in the ball?" 15 seconds later: "can i kick you like a football?"

  • Hey iskall if you dont mind me asking what happened to funcraft I was LOVING IT


  • Make a rain shield. Useful with the rain xD

  • if it doesnt´t work just keep them as pets

  • A single uranium rtg is my usual go to for passively powering early AE system. Lead, 9 uranium, and some coal. cheap, easy, infinite energy, and right about the right level for a small AE system

  • Hi

  • Well, you certainly can't turn your hamsters back out into the harsh wilderness, so you need to make a pen. And if you make a pen, you need to give them a wheel for exercise. And if you're going to have a wheel, you might as well hook it up to your power grid. So yeah.

  • More hamster time please lol

  • I want to see more hamsters !!!!!

  • Thermoelectric generators from immersive engineering are insane. Constant generation that doesn't change, you just need some ice and uranium\blutonium.

  • Check the video for Hampstead at 15:30

  • Rodney, king of the hamsters. RIP rodney king

  • 🐹🐹🐹 Hamster Time 🐹🐹🐹

  • It's been 3 MONTHS since you made a Funcraft video! And I'm sad :(


  • I never thought of iskall to be a capture-hamsters-and-put-them-in-a-labour-basement type of guy

  • He is in the sink


  • R is in the sink!!!

  • Use a Phantomface and you'll be able to get wireless power and redstone control. That'd be great for getting reserve energy to your storage system with the hamsters.

  • Why don’t you have a side house that is purely ran on hamster power!

  • pls hamster pen! cuteness overload and could be good on a large scale. lets see if it suprises

  • I know you already tried gas power, but gas power is so over powered when you figure it out! You’ll get enough to power your ME controller and many other things.

  • Who else wants Funcraft to make a return?

  • in 15:36 you have a hamster shown in the F5

  • there is a hamster behind u

  • I would love to see hamster as power source

  • Hamster. I'm the hamster

  • You love your dogs to death Oh god

  • I FoUnd yA LeNnNy!

  • Iskall where is your Funcraft series got to? I really liked that series, where is it?

  • I wish this modpack was on aternos too.

  • I had a pet hamster 20 years ago, named Rodney! RIP little dude

  • I definitely would love to see a hamster pen set up! :) :) :)

  • I'm thinking mega hamster cage of doom. 500 wheels and an infinite hamster breeder.. itd be a source of infinite power!! But can an infinite hamster breeder be created..🤔🤔🤔

  • Rodney is in the sink btw

  • Yeah man, huge hamster playroom (of doom) with power connected to the hamster wheels. Hoppers with hamster food directly connected to the wheels help.


  • Why didn't you just make a lever to stop and start the power towards the sorting system and maybe make a battery off to the side

  • Is it just me or did I see Rodney in the sink?

  • Love the hamster stuff!! They’re so cute :3

  • Hey iskall what is the pack you are on I really want to have a go myself

  • Iskall: Kills 2 hamsters Also Iskall: I didn't mean it

  • What version of mc is that? Please tag me and let me know.. Thank You.

  • You can make “hamster homes” with a feeding set up and a wheel and stuff for a mating pair of them, if the food and water are automated they should generate more hamsters over time and eventually always have at least 1 on the wheel, you can even add like 5 wheels on a wire/battery nub for them. Then take those homes and tile them into condos and you have very cheap and effective energy production. Make sure all the walls are 2 thick and there are no iron bars though.

  • He said making power with hamsters and the first thing I thought of was Codename: Kids Next Door

  • since u have vanilla chickens now try cooking one of their eggs it makes such a nice food and adding pams cheese to it makes it even better.

  • Hey can u finish the other modded minecraft series

  • Try the sink in the kitchen Iskall.

  • I tried watching the first part of this video but all I heard was *woosh

  • 15:28 nice map 😂

  • Make a pen ther is never to much power

  • you might not get power from them reliably but you can't still have them as cute pets etho gets the donkey you get the two cute hamsters

  • My name is rodney

  • Eco friendly power???

  • It's not a hamster wheel, but a grater :-P

  • Is iskall still doing fun craft? Or did this replace it?

  • Please make a hamster pen

  • I'll be very sad if Elybeatmaker doesn't make a hamster song. hrdown.info/least/ZO_hYEMUyxvaPOYIUGmc-w

  • ISKALL! RODNEY is in the SINK! 8:45