Minecraft Experts 1 | THE EXPERTS! | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Pro 2019.
Minecraft Experts is a brand new modded Minecraft series, playing the popular expert pack Enigmatica 2 Expert Mode. This series is a collaboration and coop between Iskall85 and Etho, make sure to check out Etho's videos too
Etho's channel: hrdown.info
TWITTER: iskall85
LIVE STREAMS: www.twitch.tv/iskall85
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  • RIP this series, bring it back iskall i loved it

  • Are you going to go back to this or is it dead?

  • If you are an expert then you should know who to makes everything work with an AE system. Between you and you something like astrosorcery AE crafting should be easy to do. Why even see if Etho knows already.

  • Next episode?

  • can someone tell me how to play unmodded Minecraft sky block?

  • 0:15 So, you were talking to the Cow's butt?

  • do this but with a randomizer on

  • when they found the dead dragon did enyone else sing dragon bros, dragon bros

  • Now it's only Etho doing Enigmatica

  • Dont worry Every Hermit Is A *Expert*

  • NO PART 2?

  • Are you ever coming back to Expert Mode - its been 3 months and I'm sure many of us were enjoying your interaction with Etho.

  • short playlist :P

  • Enigmatica Pronunciation: Eh-nig-mat-ick-a

  • 2:15 At the end, you now have the right to brag about your achievements

  • 1:30 Can do 4*9=36 no problem, but apparently 36+2=40

  • lol its a frieslan cow frieslan is a province in The Netherlands XD

  • We got an emerald that's pretty rare, it says uncommon 😂

  • Try making the max compressed cobble stone(keep compressing until you cant)

  • @iskall85 i would like to play this modded server as well? is this public server or just private with you and etho?

  • 12:20 math with iskall

  • Dude! Enigmatica 2: Expert is on my rotation! There's an incentive now to get back to it!

  • I mean this mod pack looks fun.... but what happened to fun craft?

  • You skip too much stuff like wtf

  • Dantdm just started a new world with this as one of the mods

  • iskall u should play crazy craft

  • ive never watched etho, but I immediately noticed that his skin is Kakashi from naruto

  • What mod is being used?

  • I think there was to much cuts and less talking to us

  • 19:11 No Iskall, the generator does not generate energy

  • where is funcraft?

  • I'm glad you like the loot chests as quest rewards. Personally, I always find a modpack with a huge number of loot chests as rewards to be a bit lazy.

  • this may have been asked and I just dont see it. Is this a bedrock or java mod and where do you get it... Looks interesting.

  • Heh, with etho “beef and double O doc mc’s coming for you seven fold”

  • Iskall, next mod series you do, you should play RLcraft, its like this modpack but about 5000 times harder

  • Hey Iskall, is this a custom mod pack that you and etho have made or is it a premade pack that others can download. If it is a premade pack then where do I go to get it. Also I really enjoy your videos, especially your hermitcraft videos. I actually got started watching hermitcraft season six on mumbo jumbos channel and then found out about your channel. Both if you do great work and should be very proud of yourselves.

  • My new favorite Iskall quote, ‘Heh heh... Hamster.’

  • Since I'm not knowledgeable about the mod pack your using it felt like I was missing like 90% of what was going on. Which is a pity I did enjoy the interplay between you and Ethos.

  • reality can be whatever you want cosmos sword: _+infinity_ attack damage

  • "Block of emerald, that has to be pretty rare..." Rare earlygame, common as dirt endgame.

  • You always have a flower on your head

  • Any one notice the flower on iskall’s head from funcraft?

  • Dude ur already doing a series on mods

  • Now iskal quits funcraft wow

  • But Funcraft?

  • Etho! The guy who made the hopper clock?

  • Etho be spanking iskall when we not around

  • You won demise

  • What happened to funcraft

  • Where's funcraft :(

  • what happend to funcraft

  • You won please come to hermitcraft to celebrate

  • Me: *wonders how Iskall will react to getting 900 diamonds in Hermitcraft* Iskall: "I'm starting a new series!"

  • Hermitcraft

  • Kackashi Vs. Polar bear Leaves it to normal person who has no defense except his fists

  • 3:10 Bro, this dude has a *Kakashi* skin #Respect

  • What happened to funcraft

  • If I can save time in a bottle...

  • I got really inspired to use diorite because of a certain comment in this video. It's really a great block.

  • Everyone else:I like this series Me:I like funcraft

  • What about funcraft


  • Didn't Etho automate singularities?

  • Now if only someone could convince grian or mumbo to join them

  • a peahen is a female peacock


  • Iskall: Hit me in the but with that thing Etho: *Doz* *that* Iskall takea 5 lives Iskall: *WHY* *DID* *IT* *GIVE* *SO* *MUCH* *DAMAGE*? *Expects* hitting someone in the but doesn't hurt...

  • We want funcraft

  • for someone that doesn't watch Etho... I could've swarn that was Impulse's voice at first

  • Hello Iskall85. I've burnt out on normal minecraft but seeing you'd modded adventures had me wanting to try and play some modded. is there would there be any suggestions to a new modded minecraft player?

  • I went to go watch the next video in the series but it says it is private

  • Where did the second episode go? I was so excited to watch it after I finished this one!

  • Why is your 2nd video of this series market as privet? I got the notification of it.

  • Did Iskall just deleted second episode of The Experts?

  • Why have you take down episode two???

  • Episode 2 is private for me :(

  • Just removed part 2?

  • iskall: I consider myself an expert... how do I zoom out?

  • sanity check.. isn't the thing that tips the car in flintstones just dino ribs?

  • Well what about funcraft now? Edit:sorry didn't reach that part of the video😅

  • I hope this collab gets etho to 2M

  • Its like a Terraria

  • You deserve a facepalm,always check for ore excavation 😤😩🙃

  • Iskall you need to see this m.hrdown.info/block/video/2KSRjaV_pZt5frM

  • Another one?

  • etho is in toubs as iskall won demise

  • Whats going to happen to funcraft?

  • Was this a pre going series on twitch?

  • ISKALL you won DEMISE.!!!!!!!!!

  • etho sounds like mumbo jumbo

  • Hey, jumped across here from Etho's channel to see you POV of this, this is gonna be good :) What's the release schedule (planned, anyways) for this series?

  • Ooh, this seems like its gonna be a really interesting series, I'm super excited to see more

  • Why do I see Kakashi But, I’m not complaining

    • Lol I've watched Etho so long I forget what his skin is. He's one of the earliest Minecraft youtubers, and he said he chose that skin cause it was the most detailed one back in the day.

  • Kakashi's mission by the hokage. Rank S mission

  • Ladders, I go up and I go down

  • Upload a tutorial for Sahara now

  • Iskall jou have won demise, congrats homie.

  • I dunno if it bugs anyone else... but instead of all of the cuts I'd rather see a raw version. Like I can't get any proper picture of the map. because every few seconds you're somewhere else. It kinda kills my feeling of adventure.

  • This is the amount of people who want Etho to return to Hermitcraft: | | V

    • @John Castellani I would've given my own comment a like because I do want Etho to return, but 'shameless self-promotion' isn't my thing.

    • Nartnageek, one lol just me ?