Minecraft Experts 7 | THE HOLY GRAIL | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Vel 2020.
Iskall jumps in to the rabbit hole of Applied Energistics in Enigmatica 2 Expert mode, but comes out on top! He also discovers that Etho has made some new, rather interesting toys.
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  • Iskall: It's a very powerful mod. Also Iskall: It can break blocks.

  • I died when I saw the cave troll achievement🤣 Lord of the Rings references are the best

  • Ze zilikön

  • Boring, get the architects involved and have discord calls to boost entertainment

  • The Troll was from ICE and fire

  • 14:57

  • Why have you explored in the shape of a penis?

  • ja iskall köp en trisslott

  • is doc's latest video true that all hermits are fake and stuff?

  • This man deserves more subscribers

  • first 2 meteors and he gets all 4 presses that rng. also ender io me conduits are your good friend and they come in dense me conduits too(crafting wise much easier dense ae network lines then the normal ae ones) the only 2 downsides are they cant hold the ae miniblocks(like terminals/buses) and they aren't as good for network debugging when against a controller (so 1 length of normal dense ae cable for against the controller solves the downside)

  • I mean, not to be a storm cloud or anything but, shouldn't experts know about the "claim all" button?

  • what happened to funcraft :(

  • Also etho found a thing that locates spawners btw

  • Use Backspace to go back one recipe instead of starting from the beginning

  • Oh my... I'm the 200200th viewer...

  • Why don't you invite Matthew kande to the server?

  • That creeper head keeps on tricking me, xD.

  • Iskall: *gets phantomface* "This thing allows me to add extra input sides to a block" *3 minutes pass* Iskall: "Oh no the energy cube doesn't have an open face" Derp

    • the normal phantomface only does items not fluids not energy. u need other types of phantomfaces to do those 2 types which requires materials they cant make yet.

  • Is there a way to download the modpack quicker than the hour long process of downloading each separate mod?

    • individually downloading it would lose all the scripts and configs that make the pack what it is. u wanna install the whole pack from the curseforge page using either multi mc to do it or using the twitch launcher to do it.

  • What happened to the Iskall intro?

  • this series is amazing i was just wondering if you ever plan on releasing this mod pack

  • Iskall let grian press all the wither skeleton buttons

  • You should create better food that takes care of multiple dietary needs at once. It might take some work to do though.

  • You can find vanilla cows in villages

  • If you make a ninja star unbreakable, you literally will have an infinite amount of them. Meaning its a breakable bow that you can spam easily

  • In the new snapshot there is 2 blocks that can't be blown up. You could then use them in your concrete machine on Hermitcraft.

  • R.i.p funcraft

  • Makes upraged machine: Needs to make basic machine again to use upgraded machine

  • You should really look into UU matter; in addition to most of the machine frames being less than 50 mb of UU matter, it can be used for interconnect and litherite, which are super-expensive, but super-basic, crafting materials for environmental tech (the base amount needed to start this mod in this pack is on the order of hundreds of blocks of tin, and hundreds of ingots of signalum), also for a very small amount of UU matter. And you only need some cobble generators to generate the scrap to feed the IC2 matter fabricator.

    • there is even more stuff that uum can give like ultimate circuits, dragon hearts ,iridium , chaos shards. plus if u have strong enough power gen u can also ignore needing scrap for any umm production (mines not even wired into my main power network yet so i don't need to worry about chocking the rf/fe input when that is all its power source is used for primarily)

  • I though the holy grail war

  • Iskall pretend to be a guy named rajesh for a hole video of hermitcraft please and go up to as many players and say your name is rajesh

  • I found all four presses in my first meteor on my server. I checked others, that one was just really lucky.

  • Does anybody know what mods he's using.

  • Please link the mods so I can playy

  • We stand as one, we will not perish, if we work together, we will kill the nCoV virus

  • Pretty sure you can find iron casing in actually additions village houses

  • Can I play this mod on bedrock?

  • Kill the ender dragon.

  • Etho: tries new mod. Iskall: **Furious Sweatting of Doom**

  • If you want loads of spawners, go looking for dungeons out in the world. I've got over 20 random ones from just veinmining my way through one

  • 9:24 did you just say the f-word?

  • who else is watching youtube on vr?

  • These series always make me think of Dr. Stone now. Especially this one since the crafting can be really complicated and you keep piling up recipes you need to craft in order to make some progress

  • 50% of the viewers do not understand what are those machines for? (Me too)😂🤣

  • U could have used a pulverizer for the silicon

    • u see did the recipe for a thermal machine frame right ? that is 2 gates down (the thermal machines are very nice though quite a bit stronger then the default configs)

  • Make a charger

  • Why can't Fe be an iron patreon? Don't get me wrong, it's great that they are emerald... but still!

  • Sharp 5 troll pole should one shot most vanilla creatures

  • You can use the power cables that he used to trade emeralds to give AE energy

  • so is this enigmatica 2 expert?

  • "Oh! wo wo wo I didn't mean it, I'm sorry! You're way prettier than Etho!" hahahaha 22:08

  • Can't you change spzwners by adding the spawnegg to it inside an anvil?

  • Cow in a jar infinite milk get a jar the get a cow over it the drop a anvil on it boom

  • I started watching this series a few days ago and who is etho?

  • Crafting in this series gives me a headache

  • There is also an ME Chest you can use as a step before the disk drive. But not sure whats needed to craft those in that modpack

  • Wouldn't be funny to have an Iskall plushie that when u squeeze it, it will burst in laught? It's just such a funny laugh 😂 0:12 and 7:00

  • Iskall85 are u Swedish? Im think that because u talk English with Swedish accent. Svensk här iaf

  • yet again we wait for FUNCRAFT

  • Yes amazing 25minuts of crafting

  • so experty! (not)

  • Didn't Ako The Builder do a cow cannon once upon a time? Fetches la vache!

  • 1:11 ... my face?

  • Who else saw that creeper 24:48

  • wheres funcraft? :/

  • Who noticed the refrence? "They have a cave troll"

  • iskall try the spawn egg an second time CaptainSparklez had also that problem of the spawner

  • This episode was brought to you by Iron.

  • The mess of chests isn't nearly as bad as my storage system and my storage system is in vannila minecraft...

  • where is Grian

  • I don't understand why they didn't put cursed earth in mob farm with something to kill mobs. Like hypnotizd did

  • Where is funcraft?

  • When are you gonna build the roof !?

  • Iskallllll do UU matter! It makes machine cases so much easier, especially because of the amount of power you have at this point! It only costs around 25-40 UU matter per machine case, and you can do it for any tier of the cases!

    • makes for a lovely build inside a compact machine . and makes starting environmental tech far far far less of strain(those connectors the normal way ouchy, also litherite)

  • I understand fully why I like this series, and why I started watching it when he first put it out there. I’m loving the progress but what I don’t understand is how I got here today. I legitimately don’t know when I clicked this vid, and it was strange when I finally realized I was watching it.

  • good luck with nuclearcraft, that machines like to disconnect all the time and the developer don't give a shit about it, but at least the reactor is lag-less and fun to make but again it likes to disconnect all the time.

    • i never had issues with it disconnecting from ender io conduits so maybe its a a problem with a different mod.

  • Iskall instead of a me drive you can use the me storage bus. It will let you access the chests in the me system. It would basically auto sort all your chests while leaving them as it

  • Dude u can change the spawner, the spawner needs to not have anything in it i think

  • You should definitely add lucky blocks

  • Please bring back fun craft

  • 9:27 iskall swears?

  • what happened to funcraft? that was my favorite series!!

  • 21:25 "Or actually first, "first" first thing first" - Iskalium English

  • No one: The last funcraft episode: *1 month ago*

  • Is funcraft dead

  • youll love this poackafter aer2

  • I'm guessing this modpack is on the curse launcher.

  • What happened to funcraft not being discontinued like you said

  • 9:25 did he just said "fcking"?

  • i saw gas-burning generators in your chest, if the electrolytic seperator and Pressurized react. chamber aren't too ridiculous, your power would be good until mid-lategame.

  • What happened to the *'Fun Craft'* series?

  • oh man whats this 2 episodes in one day??? :D

  • Fun fact! Want more sand than you'll ever know what to do with? Get some Liquid Starlight from Astral Sorcery, (From a lightwell) and let the liquid run into some flowing lava. Much like how water and lava make cobblestone, the starlight creates Sand, with a small chance of creating Aquamarine Shale. (this is how you farm those gems renewably, for those who didn't know.) And since it's sand, all you have to do is let it drop onto a slab or something and boop, it'll pop off as an item that you can pick up with any item collection lol. I'm looking forward to when you guys get into the magical side of stuff, Astral Sorcery, Embers, and Roots are all new mods that are super cool. (I guess Embers is actually more like Botania, a tech mod with a flashy skin, but you get the point.)

    • @TAmari beh disappointed. Here I thought we might be able to build a cobbleworks with some block breakers some slabs and a bucket of starlight, lava and water. Apparently not. Would have been so cool. Oh well Maybe we need to implement Carboniferous lava...... Wait was that what it was called? * Googling intensifies Nope I wanted Carbonatite. It's weird enough to flow far burn on contact and brew self breaking blocks that shatter into gravel over time :D

    • @Glen McGillivray Starlight just turns into sand when it interacts with lava regardless of which part of the fluid is affected. It turns into ice if it makes contact with water. (A lot less useful but an interesting interaction either way.) You can also use Pyrotheum's auto-smelt feature to create glass, as it will mimic lava by turning the starlight into sand, then instantly smelting the sand into glass. To make use of this though you'd need a mechanical user or something with some silk touch shears or any other form of unbreakable silk touch to actually get the glass. (Same with the ice if you wanted it.) So, no, no gravel, but it will get you sand. It has no effect on either water or lava themselves, however. It will just flow on top of them harmlessly, and as far as I am aware, most other fluids just replicate the properties of water and lava. Starlight is one of the first fluids I've seen to ever have its own unique block interactions. ...It's also honestly just a really *weird* fluid. You'll understand if you ever place some down in the world.

    • But how to make gravel? Drop lava onto flowing starlight, similar to smooth stone?

  • This is my favorite series by far.

  • Next video: Richkall in real life

  • Wait whats that word 9:24

  • Sees troll, what's etho doing here?

  • Fun craft?

  • iskall I have been playing this same mod pack and I solved the nutrition for cheap. all you need is soybeans, bell pepper, onions, melon seeds, sugar cane, and eggs to make Toasted Western. it gives 4.2% to all but fruit. that can be fixed by making melon smoothies which you can keep eating with full hunger to max out the fruit fast. I would recommend getting potatoes to relay on the flower instead of the soybeans. so they can be used for tofu and milk to make the heavy cream and butter. cow in a bottle will help as well for that. only took me like 1 hour to set everything up