Minecraft Experts 10 | AN EXPLOSIVE PRESENT | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Vel 2020.
Etho has always wanted a donkey, it turns out. Iskall, decides to BLOW HIS MIND, with an explosive present, containing... if everything goes right, the donkey.
Etho's channel: hrdown.info
TWITTER: iskall85
LIVE STREAMS: www.twitch.tv/iskall85
T-SHIRTS: teespring.com/shop/powered-by-iskallium
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  • When will we get more?

  • Where did this gooooo?!!!

  • It’s Rodney from BeckBroJack’s channel please if you know him please comment

  • I just finished watching this series and then I looked at when the videos were made. Iskall you need to revive this series.

  • It is been 6 months where is part 11 pez?!?

  • you lost a long time sub, Adios

  • Still waiting for the next one

  • can you plsssss plSSSSS continue with this series cus its the best one in my opinion. idc how long it takes just get some episodes more plsss you make it 100 times funnier than everyone else!

  • New episodes please!!!

  • the series is good but sad that it ended/paused but now we all have another greate series insteed =)

  • where is episode 11 :( I can't find it

  • Why did this series stop

  • What happenedddd Hey

  • Please do more of this series

  • He ended it ;( why though

  • Iskall what happened to this series? :(


  • He is never going to make episode 11

  • Yeah disappointing that Iskall seems to have abandoned this series. I think it was just too slow paced for him. Etho's schedule makes episodes come much more spaced out and on top of that Etho seemed to have some RL stuff come up that caused an even longer hiatus for a bit.

  • Damn miss this already Don't get me wrong hermit craft is good but after like 20 eps and wheneveryone has gotten good it is boring for me

  • funcraft?

  • I’m missing this series

  • Where's funcraft and foolcraft and this series ISKALL85

  • make a new episode

  • More pls

  • iskall im missing ur experts series

  • Please continue making these episodes I love this series

  • A shame what happend to this serie..

  • iskall please continue this serie

  • Is this gonna continue?

  • Iskall.. come on man. Etho is putting in the effort. I appreciate your main gig is hermitcraft but we like the side kick mod series and your just getting going (Again) please don't let this one get away

  • Iskall please come back etho has already opened the present


  • Where did experts go?

  • Hermitcraft is great and all. But Etho finally built a roof!

  • Is this series dead?

  • Still waiting for the next episode to come out😪

  • We want more “the experts” 😔

  • When is the next one coming?

    • most likely never :(, its been abandond i believe

    • It's not looking good there might not be a episode 11 for a long time

    • Not looking good for experts so far but here’s hoping he’s just having too much fun on hermitcraft

  • Iskall, where is the next episode??? Pleaseeeee its a really fun series

  • I love Minecraft Experts

  • "This won't replace Funcraft" It did "This won't replace Hermitcraft" Hermitcraft replaced this series

    • @GKaZe yeah 9 months ago...

    • @Aleksandar Ninković ... would you not do the same? its a smart move,once hermit craft is done he might go back to other things.at the end of the day we are just viewers that generate money so yea

    • @Aleksandar Ninković true.. at least your not telling me stupid crap like Phoenix.. There's no point in watching/playing a co-op series if only one party is interested.. I figured iskall would jump ship, so I unsubbed months ago.. I like his vids but I'm not a huge fan of Vanilla Minecraft, so I only stuck around for his modded series.. 🤷‍♂️

    • @GKaZe good on you!

    • @Phoenix that's what I've been doing.. 🙄

  • Still waiting for episode 11...

  • Is this series dead? Will there be any more episodes from you?

  • imagine.. RL craft with all the hermits

  • I haven’t seen a flying donkey since Shrek

  • Placing gunpowder and lighting it really should be a thing in vanilla!

  • The textures kinda look like 1.14 textures right?

  • Mango

  • If you want string, can't you just farm it?

  • Cable Management LOL that's all computer builders

  • When you realizing "iskall" means "ice cold"...

  • You are not going to build a roof? I guess we aren't getting a roof then. Etho's not going to build it...

  • I don't want to be a bother, but may I ask what mod-pack is Iskall85 using?

    • Engimatica 1.12

  • You could possibly automate the string production by using the cave spider spawner Etho made

  • Is it just me or does iskall seem less energetic than usual

  • whats the name of the modpack?

  • Vanila chicken energi

  • Shoulda been /donk/null imo

  • Me Guessing: Is he gonna kill the donkey? Iskall: If you guessed exploding present with donkey as the gift Me: wHaT!

  • Can add a new youtuber in the next season of hermitcraft called dallasmed67

  • You should invite Dallasmed65 to hermitcraft

  • Etho already made the name tag production automatic, you get the gold from the auto sieve and the string from the flying cave spiders

  • Welp looks like there's never going to be a roof

  • Hey iskall you might not see this but can you do another funcraft video

  • Hey Iskall great news Quarts is renewable! Wich is great because you can craft Diorite with it so Diorite is renewable!!!! Great right?!

  • Experts

  • More expert craft pls

  • Iskall you haven’t posted a FunCraft episode in technically a year

  • what a great pack! every time I type "apiary" in the JEI it crashes :)

    • Don't do that then

  • Keep a sheep on you at all time, and name it "A Wooling Subject" for testes ;)

    • @Entropy my phone autocorrected it, and english is not my first language. Thanks for pointing it out

    • Testes are not the same as tests

  • Can you find a villager that trades for wool?

  • Use a retracting sticky piston to release the sheep to remove the element of failure? O_o That way you can keep the center column empty and he can just fly

  • Iskall please make Hermitcraft season 7 a modded series like Enigmatic 2

  • I’m about 12 minutes in still waiting for you to realize you only need one tnt to blow up that much wool

  • Iskall is teaching a valuable lesson here, the true experts are the ones having fun!

  • first episode didn't he say this wasn't going to replace fun craft...what did it do

  • Build a small dog house for sethbot outside.

  • Hey, Iskall. Loving the series, bud. I know I'm a bit late on this, but you can keep the hamsters in the wheels as long as they stay fed. This can be automated with hoppers or pipes.

  • Iskall you’re our only hope for a roof! Pleeeeeeeease won’t you think of the children.....who want a roof!!!!

  • Automatic gold nuggets: pigman farm Automatic string: etho’s spider farm dum dum 😂

    • Automatic gold is already coming in from etho's sieve setup.

  • I really want to see iskall play RLCraft

  • Ohhh yes, I love your fun projects combined with some tech

  • 21:06 “I didn’t have a safarie net” 😂😂😂

  • Totally 1% of all people guesed with 3:31

  • Iskall should go on hermitcraft one last time to restock RUN for the world download if it already isnt too late.


  • play farming valley again plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Get string and gold from ethos’s machines in the basement

  • Iskal you haven done fun craft in a long time.

  • Etho has been at 1.99 million for like a year


  • Iskall, you should put change the power cables on Etho's quest board

  • This series reminds me of foolcraft

  • The firework being set off as if in celebration of the success of the test right after the sheep blew up just kills me.


  • modded minecraft makes me laugh. it creates the problem (not enough power) and then makes you solve it by using a million GUI's and almost no minecraft vanilla gameplay.

  • What happened to chicken power?

  • The sifter Etho made produces gold and all you guys have to do is get the spider Farm to be automatic

  • upgrade the power cube to resonant energy cell you should be able to do it