Minecraft Experts 6 | ETHO'S MOTHER | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 31. Sij 2020.
This is a CURSED MINECRAFT Episode, iskall summons Etho's own mother to help out and lift his curse, gathering resources with half a heart is hard though. Iskall also rebuilds the basement in to an industrial basement of iron.
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  • What's up with the tree on your head tho

  • Cows make milk

  • Iskall bull =boy cow = girl

  • maybe you could’ve got rid of the stupid clock

  • Iskall: makes fridge and freezer upgrade Also Iskall: puts icecream in the cupboard

  • Iskall in start of every episode: everything I did last time was crap, soo do something

  • Small ones looked better for the beam plus they take half a block, more legite structure integrity. Also you can blame etho for the power use 😈

  • NGL I had the exact same experience with lack of dairy and the fresian cows. When they are well fed and not thirsty their tooltip shows breedable. Breed like normal BUT the cow then has a gestation period before giving birth. Once the calf is born you have a limited window of when you can milk the cow. I recommend you then make a cow in a jar with it. Out the jar on the kitchen counter and you have unlimited milk.

  • when hes using dairy (wheat to make bread) to try get milk from a bull

  • Just milk a goat for goat milk

  • In the first few seconds of the video Iskall's xp: NICE Anybody : NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE

  • Anyone else getting area 77 vibes from the basement?

  • Does this pack have veinminer?

  • We want funcraft

  • This mod has the inventory search feature. When you look for things in a chest, type it in the search bar - unselect the search bar and hover over the item and press T, if it is near you it will close your interface and a particle effect on any inventory there is some in

  • say what u want about your apple power method its still feels better then ethos replacement for it. partially because yours is a renewable infinite source while his burns gold u cant automatically replace yet. I knew about cow bait existing in one of the skyblock mods that the normal expert pack is fortunate to have. so milk wasn't a problem for me then i just got a cow in a jar a couple loot chests later so even less so then.

  • I scream

  • Fun craft ?

  • What about funcraft?

  • Hey stress monster put 3 and a half stacks diamonds in your bid

  • What, you don't make your cookbooks by throwing regular books in the oven???

  • Why have I never seen this series?

  • Hi loving the series so far but would like to see some funcraft? Or have u stopped that?

  • I’m not fully convinced *builds whole room out of it*

  • I love how ice cream cured his disease lol

  • Ice cream does cure most things 😃

  • Iskall saying wheat: yeeeeeeet

  • U need to upload more

  • And today on 'the best way to store your food with Iskall': ice cream in the counter and dried vanilla in the fridge

  • Recently I have been feeling really depressed, but whenever I watch your videos it makes me feel like everything is good.keep up the good work.🙂

  • You can milk a regular cow and then one bucket of milk turns into four bottles of milk, which give 2% dairy and can be drank when full saturation. In case you decide to go that way.

  • Do anyone think of what I thought of when he said COKE oven???

  • Funcraft: Am I a joke to you? Iskall: What is Funcraft?

  • Iskall's skin was cursed by the un-jumbler, then his episode was cursed! Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  • I had this issue as well. In the quest book's Getting Started page on the bottom left there's a Cow in a Bottle quest. That gives you ulimited milk. Did it take me 5 hours to figure that out? Yes

  • Hey, just stopped here to tell you that there is a chisel item dupping that i found. just get a chisel with the least durability possible (just get a paper chisel head with a flint handle) and put minimum of 3 blocks (2 if the chisel is at 1 durability) and just shift click it into your inventory. Thats literally it. Only downside is that it requires the block to have a chisel variant, but in enigmatica pretty much everything early game has a possibility to be chisled. have fun!

  • Get a speedy pines membership, would love to see you play!

  • Upload more of these upload more faster

  • ISKALL!!! what happened to foolcraft 3?

  • Omg iskal why is your face green??? I saw it the first time at my skyblock world where I have your head hanging on a wall

    • You got a like green face I guess and cactus green hair or something

  • Surprised I haven't seen a comment mentioning he started the episode with 69 levels

  • Am i the only one who hears kind of auto tune at 1:44 xD

  • Iskall which computer you have

  • is there a way to get this modpack?

  • More Funcraft pls!! Like is u agree!

  • i miss ya iskall, hopfully can see you on a live stream soon

  • Make delux natchos, they give you dairy, vegeteble, fruit, protein and grain.

  • Greenscreen man? Where?

  • Iscall please upload videos on hermitcraft please please

  • To get milk you need a girl cow 🐮

  • Can you do a series on the Voltz Community Modpack

  • What happened to fun craft

  • I'm glad we got a clarification for the material of the walls, I actually thought they were pumpkins until now.

  • What is that bottle he uses on the machines to speed them up? Trying to get some for myself now.

  • What ever happened to funcraft?

  • Next episode Iscal gets a ranged weapon

  • "A hidden coke oven in the basement" (Crackhead alert intensifies)

  • Iskallium Man

  • *Iskall should make a shulker box full of iron pickaxes made only to mine diorite.*

  • The whole video all I can think is, who puts SALT on ICE cream, salt melts ice!

  • Where is the modpack?

  • Omg that storage management. Connect all chests with ExtraUtilities pipes and add Indexer. It's like younger brother of applied energetics 2, but super cheap and power-less. Also with unlimited wireless potential.

  • you could try skyblock inverted for the fake windows, it will show the actual sky

  • Hey Iskall One thing you can do for storage organization is make a few more dank nulls and make a couple of dank null docking stations you can organize your ores in them and other things that are important like if anyone else agrees

  • Iskall, sadly those are bulls (look at the title of the name). Only cows can give you milk. If you look there were little horns. Lol

  • What happened to funcraft?

  • 0:33 exp -nice

  • Hey iskall when will you be streaming on twitch

  • Funcraft?

  • I need more of this series, much more.

  • Where is the funcraft episodes?

  • when would you post another funcraft episode?

  • Hey iskall, stress is cheating at run

  • Iskall... all those cows are male...

  • Of doom

  • Where's Funcraft?

  • Much more interested in this than hermitcraft at the moment, honestly I can’t wait for 1.16 hermitcraft because at the moment it just feels so stale

  • Those cows you were trying to milk were um bulls... Err can't milk a bull loll

  • Iskall85 they are ALL BULLS. Lol...

  • What happened to funcraft

  • Does this mean no more Fun Craft :(

  • I don't think you want to milk the bulls...that's not milk.

  • Is getting a cow-in-a-bottle possible in expert-mode Enigmatica2? They provides milk. And also, just a thought, would docm be interested to join this series? That'd be superb.

  • His lvl was "69"

  • PSA: Please dispose of your copious amounts of XP

  • I think the basement would do good being 1 block taller.

  • Eating small stuff is terrible for you. Each thing you eat lowers all your nutrition stats slightly. Curry Chicken is the best balance of ease of production and hunger that I could find. Just farm rice, soybean, mustard, spice leaf, and onion and get a cinnamon and coconut sapling. Then raise chickens or make toficken.

  • The iron sheetmetal looks kinda like tin roofing you know the wavy kind?

  • Hey iskall on a part of Sahara you should add another branch because Sahara fuels was kind of abondonded and failed you should add a branch called Sahara casinos where there will buy a memebership and you can gamble with addicting games like run you could also have it so you can pay more money so you can play games with higher stakes

  • iskall stress has restocked the ice and wants you to buy some

  • Iskall! So a series on bedrock edition. Please

  • i love your modded even more than hermitcraft! please do it more often!

  • I find it funny how he gets to milk a bull

  • Very funny with the food curse challenge, Mr Iskall :-)

  • do solar power

  • This is a cursed episode of doom

  • "The answer to everything; Icecream" *Has 42 icecream*

  • Remember in modded survival k think it was either foolcraft or hermitpack but didnt etho love coffee

  • Iskall are you streaming this if so link it please if not please make more

  • What is up with funcraft why did you stop it?