Minecraft Experts 8 | I DID IT! | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Vel 2020.
It's been a long grind, but iskall85 finally pulls through and completes the applied energistics 2 system, the ME System, then he makes it better by using Storage Drawers!
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  • What mod is this

  • Why did he stopped moddes series 😭

  • Last

  • I like diorite

  • Also iskall could use some thermoelctric generators for passive power

  • I swear the forestry casings are recolored minecarts with chests

  • Experts vs RLcraft.

  • The holy grail is a cup, I think yew meant the arc of the covenant

  • 23:35 Ok, it sounds a little bit strange

  • OK boomer ur to technical for me like to say that is difficult to build even a block

  • "why is it with people and not putting pineapple in their pizza" *I can feel the controversy brewing...*

  • Why doesn't Iskall charge his BOOTS

  • 0:35 look ,a gaming keyboard

  • Therminic asrafrator Try thaumcraft LOL


  • Where hast funcraft gone?!?

  • What happened to fun craft

  • Iskall, you can get a impregnated casing if you put a facehugger on it lol

  • Make some ploughmans lunch for food it covers all food groups and isn’t very expensive

  • 10:00 a little bit........ Iskall, did your mic cut out?

  • Can you play with etho?

  • Funcraft please

  • been avoiding ae2 because it looks scary to set up but your introduction into it actually makes it seem really doable! loving this series, cant wait to see you set up automated crafting!

  • For moving stuff from your drives to drawers me export buses and acceleration cards are your friends, especially when you have items in the 100k+ count range.

  • Its always good to hear that etho is a fellow granite destroyer...

  • "inventory management isn't very fun in video games" Hold up there pal! For one, something being fun is purely subjective. Secondly, there are games out there that revolve entirely around inventory management (I also enjoy sorting chests in minecraft).

  • Hey Iskall Have u ever experienced in ur game launcher crashes when u try to start modded minecraft. Cause when i try to start my minecraft it starts but than it opens the minecraft launcher again and it says GAME CRASHED! An unexpected issue occured and the game crashed. We're sorry for the invconvience. Can u help me plz!!!

  • You should look at the tasks a bit more carefully. It said "Retrieval Task" meaning you just need to get it and have it in your inventory and it will detect it, while another task is crafting where if you have the item already but you didn't crafted it will not go through. Also you see the little chest button next to the icons in the bottom middle right hand when you were looking at the Quest Book, if you press it you automatically get them but if it's a choice reward then you have to manually claim them. And another interesting information if you see Pam's Harvestcraft foods that have a orange text it's a buff food item. Each one has different stats that range from Strength and Resistance to other possible potion effects.

  • you should be able to use an ME storage bus on the crates of unstackable items to access them from the ME system without putting them into drives


  • Who is Etho? Yes I am joking

  • LOVE YOUR VIDS ISKALL and can you try to get more fun craft videos and watched a bit of your APEX Legends stream loved it you could try making a second channel and play different games like apex legends or do behind the scenes and stuff!

  • Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseee post more funcraft

  • can you and the hermitcraft players play skyblock on a sever together?

  • It's true you do need pineapple on pizza

  • iskall: why is everything is so hard to say me: i think it has to do something with u being swiden

  • Me and a friend are building a guardian farm on my server, and we want to have a good farm like yours on Hermitcraft so could you make a tutorial for it please. Thank you in advance, and keep up the good work!

  • Iskall and Etho = no Diorite + no Granite BDubs: You Two Stay Away from my castle

  • cant wait for singularities.

  • For Sahara, why not make an unlimited trade hall? Members can go in for free and everybody else has to pay like 25 diamonds. ...this is probably the wrong video to post this though...

  • u suck


  • Iskall you have 994 diamonds on Hermitcraft! 400 From run and kill iskall

  • if you like something spicy, try pepperoni with pineapple. you get a bit of spice rom the pepperoni with the sweetness of the pineapple, plus it helps deal with some of the grease of the pepperoni

  • Why couldn't etho and iskall look at bdouble0's castle

  • Peking Duck Peking as in the city of Peking in China XD

  • I like the seri

  • Wen ar u gona uplode a new vid

  • Please do the hamster lab.

  • RUN got a visitor.....

  • restock run :P. You ran out :P.

  • Loving the series iskall! Are you guys gonna collab on a build? Etho likes making games 😃

  • I never understand why people call it The me system when they can just call it the me system. Like really! Why don’t they just call it a much easier thing the me system Instead of the me system?!?? I just realized how hard it is to explain what I’m saying in text because it doesn’t have a text to speech thing lol

  • Who’s hyped to see how many diamonds iskall s getting from run and his death

  • Hey Iskall, I think there’s a problem with RUN in Hermitcraft. I’m watching Keralis’ most recent video, and the first door randomizer is letting him in with every diamond. You may want to check that out when you get a chance.

  • Make a gold and string farmer duh, power prob solved

  • You should have a compacting drawer for the netherrack as well.

  • Make a server room

  • Build a nice room for the hamsters!

  • I LOVE inventory management and sorting!!

  • What hapend to funcraft? Do u play more or it's dead?

  • I'm guessing that hermit skies has ended then

  • Funcraft?

  • I would love to see you tackle a NuclearCraft Fission Reactor

  • i think at some pont in botanicle you can use mana to make items and get rid of items for manna soo do that

  • maybe you can speed up the hamster wheel with your time in a bottle...

  • How are you or Etho not using that Jetplate?!?!?!?! Hello....flight!

  • How are you or Etho not using that Jetplate?!?!?!?! Hello....flight!

  • go and get those hamsters

  • Find a texture pack that turns hamsters into diorite then torture them death to diorite

  • More please iskall

  • Iskall u should explore, its boring when u always stay at home

  • where did fun craft go

  • DO Next episode

  • ME system time is always one of the best parts of a modpack playthrough. It really speeds up everything and is so convenient!

  • Iskall: "Today is going to be the day that we finally, finally..." Me: Build a roof?

    • @Samuel Pitroff If they do it at all lol

  • Who else watches all the episodes, but not understanding anything and waiting for hermitcraft

  • do something with computercraft and opencomputers

  • Iskalll where is fun craft?:/

  • still waiting for the roof :D

  • Is Refined Storage on there?

  • Your both wrong >:O diorite, andesite and granite or how it spelled. They Are the Best building Block >:O

  • the hamsters randomly jump out of the hamster wheels

    • My experience in this pack is they only leave when they run out of food. If you are using them as power, in space efficient arrays, and forget to top up the food though you end up with hamsters everywhere and no way to put them back without ripping the system apart.

  • Please make more of these!

  • Some one has to restock RUN :D guess who's back

  • Dude, I don’t like pineapple on pizza.

  • Bruh so e of that rubbish is actuallydecent smh. Flux infused armor is good, better than nano :p

  • Peace for funcraft

  • Restock RUN

  • Modded minecraft?

  • Wait crushing diorite would be MORE painful then getting burned

  • where is funcraft?

  • this pack is all about being efficient with resources... the basement.. is made of.. iron

  • hmmm did he missed cut 9:58

  • If Jabba barrels is in the pack, the anti barrel holds 16000 unstackable items if I’m remembering correctly.

  • Iskall, Keralis got the MEEEEEGA JACKPOT

  • 10:05 what happend in this

  • all this mod does is make Minecraft ,which is already complicated, and make it wayyyyyyyyyy harder

  • add thaumcraft!

  • Please can you give us an update on funcraft