Minecraft Experts 2 | THE EXPERTS! | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Pro 2019.
More EXPERT Mode with iskall85, today iskall tackles the Industrial Craft machines, including the industrial craft blast furnace, which turns out to be a VERY VERY Slow
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  • Grout:I am grout!

  • Enigmatica 2: electric boogaloo

  • 2:38 it's goodtimes with scar

  • a peahen is a female peacock

  • Btw you should build a quarry to get coal and auto place the coal into the generator Like so is kale can see

  • Does anyone know what is the mod’s name where the food contains calcium ,protein etc. and you have to eat the right things too keep your health good ?

  • iskall:shut up johnny me:that is a peahen it is a girl

  • I don’t understand anything that’s happening in this series but it’s Iskall so I watch it

  • The Manaseer Monocle doesn't do anything, unless you are working with Botania, or Redstone, in which case it shows flower ranges, mana pulses through walls, and redstone power levels. Also, it looks pretty neat.

  • How do you use veinminer

  • what is the modpack and where do i download it?

  • Weirdhe didnt take away bobbing yet

  • Without exploding sounds like a realy good deal

  • Is no one going to talk about him trapping etho in obsidian 12:53

  • Manaseer monacle allows you to see the area of botania items like the range of endoflames,

  • I just realized I never finished my lp of this pack... I probably won’t for a long time.

  • when your furnace runs on the European Union

  • No more funcraft?

  • What happens to Funcraft ????????????????????

  • Shut up Johnny

  • can you play with Etho with voice chat? I want to see this like an actual co-op lol

  • apparently the intro is fixed now

  • Iskall dont overload yourself

  • More funcraft

  • Can you make a clever in the future.

  • etho is already at episode 3 !

  • Iskall, demise is over and you won, richkall is back

  • how do you install this modpack Ive at it for hours and it just wont work!

  • What modpack is this?

  • It's been 10 days since Hermitcraft! Are you OK? I don't even watch you too much and I was kinda surprised when you haven't collected the 1000 diamonds.

  • Did he just name a peahen Johnny? It's a girl iskall.

  • Iskall have you seen this yet it is so funny: hrdown.info/block/video/2KSRjaV_pZt5frM

  • funcraft? ;(

  • I'm just waiting here patiently for Hermitcraft

  • Iskall you won demise

  • Try TFC

  • Iskall remember this video hrdown.info/block/video/lol6e9CfhNmegLs well guess what you have done it again and you haven't even made a video lol

  • I built you a house made of diorite can you watch it

  • You guys should get pets named after each other. Sheep named "Sheeptho" Cat named "Iskatt"

  • Who else wants to see Israel collect his prize money from demise.

  • Lol

  • Mumbo would lose his modded shulker box

  • Or invite grian

  • That would make this series lit

  • Invite mumbo to this series

  • I am somewhat upset that etho edited his videos down way less for the first episode, and possibly the same for iskalls second episode. yet, somehow he is ahead of iskall. his most recent video took place just after the end of this video or something, since iskall gets the quests etho collects part way through his vid, AND iskall doesnt see etho's new structure in this vid.

  • -o lady’s and gentlemen ( 0:00 )

  • Iskall! Please stop this and do Hermitcraft. I used to love you because of your frequent videos on hermitcraft. Then you took a shit. Please iskall

    • What? Didn't he say he would continue the hermitcraft series? This series is quite entertaining to watch

  • I suggest chimichanga for the end-game food : easy to prepare with some autocrafting and 5,1% to every nutrition !

  • Iskall: i´m an expert. also Iskall: what is this

  • Iskall! Jag har en fråga! Kan du börja använda en videokamera så vi kan se ditt ansikte i dina vidieor?

  • epic


  • Iskal please get a dragon they are so amazing and can destroy buildings and fly

  • Please log off.

  • Are u going to continue hermitcraft season 6?

  • What the Frick happened to streesmonster

  • Instead of changing the actual pickaxe head just make a sharpening kit and use some flint to attached it in the tool Forge. otherwise it makes it so much harder to repair your picks

  • My man iskall85, what happened to funcraft and hermit craft? I really enjoyed what u we’re doing in funcraft.

  • Pls post Hermitcraft

  • In this modpack I started mekanism right after getting steel frim immersive ingeenering


  • iskall where are you?? 3 days no video i cannot handle it

  • You need to get back to Hermitcraft and claim your prize.

  • Happy New year

  • Hi Iskall I’m 12 years old. I’m scared about coppa so in case it changes my viewing experience for the worse, I’d like to say farewell. Please continue to be your happy self and make people smile like you do so well. I will miss you and all the kindness you have given. I will miss your really unique laugh. Thank you Iskall. Happy New Years.

    • You can thank me for sorting comments by new , but to your question; coppa won't change any of your viewer experience and even if it does, just make a new google account and change your age to 18 . Happy new year ;)

  • Hello iskall I just wanted to say happy new year Greetings from germany

  • I think you won Demise

  • iskall plz upload more of this series idrc if it is streamed on twitch or recorded on YT because I LOVE this series and i want u to do more. I am currently actually setting it up to be on my server because i rly want to play it because i think it will be fun. plz do it more tho

  • iskall: *edit the false intro while everyone had seen it* it to late it has become a good comdy

  • Now he has mysteriously edited the intros out again. Good job iskall XD.

  • Hej, du ska bli vår granne i april vi ska flyta till vårt kvarter😱😱

  • Play satisfactory if you love pretty games and supply and logistics

  • When iskall explains how a flower can grow Redstone. Me: this is an avengers level threat!

  • My favourite youtuber is doing modded minecraft this is great

  • You have won Demise

  • YOU WIN!!!!!! In hermitcraft

  • you should have started the skyblock version, i did both and skyblock is more funny


  • can someone list the mods he is using?

  • This was uploaded on 12/30/19 happy birthday iskall

  • You won demise! Grain trapped doc!


  • Iskall you won demise

  • Docm77 got demise you won the demise game yay

  • Your won the demise game

  • The trick is to make a stone pick head than sharpen it to make it mine higher tiers. Yes red stone modifier for faster mining.


  • Will you do the magic mods in this pack?


  • How can they play together ? Is this a server they running or are they on the same network or something ?

  • Noooo I cannot see the fails🙁☹️😢😭

  • Go play hermitcraft!!!!!

  • Pie

  • the manaseer monocle is the Portuguese monocle of doom as the mod author is Portugese and his name is Vazkii. The more ya know. lol

    • the orchid is pronounced...orkid btw....lol

  • Where's fun craft??

  • "Shut up Johny" Everyone who watched FoolCraft: Not with the names again!

  • Iskall85 its just you and doc in demise! you should try carrying a water bucket with you for extra protection! good luck. XD

  • H E R M I T C R A F T ! ! ! !

  • I am looking forward for every episode of this