Minecraft Experts 5 | APPLE POWER| Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Sij 2020.
Iskall decides to find a new way of generating power, and who would have thought that the Minecraft APPLE could be so powerful! With a bit of villager trickery, apples can and will power everything.
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  • Carri?

  • 15:15 or you could smelt it in tinkers but whatever man you do you

  • How was there the old trading with the new textures? Texture pack?

  • Pokemon Ball Hmm... There's something wrong with that...

  • Iskall: "I love these safari nets" Now that's a name I haven't heard in a very long time...

  • #dead series

  • It’s fool craft all over again

  • You could fit more apples in an area if you shear the apples and you can replace them all bunched up.

  • So many big words

  • 16:58 level 69

  • 4:18 that was a "lop rabbit," they have their ears down naturally. Edit: please never stop laughing. The way you laugh brightens up my day every time. 💙💙💙

  • compressed.... Sheep? lol

  • I love how Iskall goes through all the trouble to figure out how to get destabilized redstone when he could have just built a fluid transposer and hooked it up to the smeltery. Lol

  • It's. Midnight I wasn't ready

  • You could call it apple Bobbing

  • Please please please can we have a new ep

  • To me the most amusing way to get emeralds is to make a villager spawner and drop the villagers into a tinker's smeltery xD I got the idea from generikb in his old attack of the b team series

  • watched this episode the 3rd time, damn I can't wait for the next episode

  • probably wrong place to ask, but how on earth you get mods installed? latest minecraft forge did install willynilly, but this mod did not appear in mod list despite putting multible copies to mods folder; and the game folder itself. i tried installing previous version of forge (12.2) as well, but that also cannot find mods placed at .minecraft folder.

    • @kleinkoch12 thank you a thousand. technicpack launcher works wonders

    • try one of the modpack launcher like the twitch app or technicpack launcher, it´s realy easy you just have to log in with your minecraft account and pick the modpack of your choice

  • Try the Cyclic Harvester, it does a 15x15 and can right click harvest everything at once

  • Hey Iskall, Etho died again. As payment I say he owes you a roof to his building. I’m sure Etho fans will agree this is a fitting payment.

  • i love this it's so funny!

  • at some point you’ll need to do an episode with etho because you guys both don’t know exactly what the other is doing

  • Apple Power!!!!

  • try playing RLCraft

  • Try apple sprout.

  • What is the mod that the windmill is in

  • wait you have ex compersum???? that changes everything you can turn cobble into dimands that way

  • Iskall it’s carrots not ‘cari’

  • Check light level for the extra trees, they are picky

  • Richard 2.0?

  • just gunna say. the plant interactor barely uses any power at all. the apples will grow randomly as per the tick rate so by making the interactor work only with redstone signal on delay it resets it position and will miss alot of your apples. thought i should mention that little fact. @iskall85

  • Build you're own base

  • "Keep everything" *Diorite*

  • Wind turbines from mekanism are very good. I think they can generate around 600 rf/tick per wind turbine depending where you build them

    • Oops. wind generators from mekanism do not generate 600 rf/tick. it's up to 360 rf/tick

  • Does any one know all the mods that he is using? Also what version of minecraft he is playing on?

  • In this pack does tossing a villager into a tinker smelter make emeralds like it did at one point?

  • so is funcraft just not then?

  • Plz do more of this series

  • wdym low tier elementium is great lol


  • Can’t you just spawn villagers and drop them into the tinkers smeltery?

  • If you have the bonsai tree mod then you can put Apple trees into hopping bonsai pots and get apples into a chest under it

  • At the end of the series, you should make a 10 hour montage with all the episodes together.

  • Bob in for apples

  • make a tinker's laser gun. they are super fun

  • If you use shears you can take the apple "plants" from the trees and replant them under any leaf block. The shears don't break them any faster, so it's a little scary, but it does drop, and then you can arrange a farm much more efficiently!

  • No it’s Apple care

  • Any chance we could get a link with the mods you have in this world??

    • Also question on how often you’ll be doing this series cus this is very entertaining

  • Are there bonsai plants In this pack use it

  • Are the non growing apple trees not close enough to a water source?? Maybe??

  • I'm pretty sure the pack has bonsai trees, just hook up a bunch of those and you ha e a lot more space efficient apple farm, I'm also pretty sure the pack has tesla mod, which offers upgrades for the Apple trader, which would decrease energy per transaction and increase speed

  • More Funcraft pls!!!

  • Iskall the trees need light

  • finnaly my life is complete

  • pleas can i have the servers modpack

  • Check the chunk boundary near the trees that won't grow.

  • Iskall, don't forget to add the videos to the playlist. Thanks

  • I guess you can call this "green" power

  • *apple phone company wants to know your location*

  • Me sees 'The Experts': YESSSSS

  • So where is funcraft

  • 7:50 I destroy the power to create the power (I know it's a bit switched but else it wouldn't make sense)

  • Where's Funcraft

  • Please play hermitcraft

  • It's so sad that he never noticed the backpack name before randomly renaming it

  • so we can play along with u

  • whats the modpack

  • can he not just chuck the resources in the enderIO alloy smelter and done, or is that disabled

  • *blinks rapidly*

  • Use the industrial foregoing miner to get tons of biomes o plenty gems which you can use in the numismatic Dynamo with the augment.

  • Anybody else missing funcraft?

  • You missed what Etho named your pack!! Iskal's Fanny Pack

  • maybe the trees don't grow because of the lack of sky light?

  • Try moving the tree up or down one block

  • Hey Iskall random question but where is your nether farm located on the hermit craftserver? I'm looking to build one of my own and I play on the same seed as the Hermitcraft server Thanks!

  • I just started playing vanilla Minecraft. This is blowing my mind.

  • Proof that money (emeralds) and power can all grow on trees.

  • Wait so if armoured mobs can drop their items and you can store nbt data and make a spawner spawn it then you could make a diamond generator from a zombie spawner

  • so the entity isnt a donkey

  • Use apatite instead of bonemeal to grow plants and stuff. Apatite is a really abundant ore that you can turn into a fertilizer using SAND. They spawn in really large veins.

  • Cat + Dog = Bunny..? Lol


  • R o o f

  • What is a carri. A combination between a carrot and a cacti?

  • Hello can someone tell me how he got the 1.14 ressource pack ? thanks

  • hrdown.info/block/video/smWoetiKc96we6M just helping out

  • Lol with captions it said tissue pichy for the shibuichi

  • I just want to point of that what you called a cat/dog was a bunny, if I am not mistaken.

  • Sishu bitchy

  • 14:58 69!

  • " Enderman heads, is this the beginning of "The Enderman Bros"?

  • How do you use veinminer?

  • villagers are the most intelligent mob in minecraft bro

  • what is name of the mod pack?

  • Make a greenhouse

  • Does putting Villagers being put into a Tinkers Smeltery still yield liquid emerald?

  • You can put speed and energy upgrades in the plant interactor to speed things up.

  • use time in a bottle

  • My head hurts watching these videos sometimes lol😂