Minecraft Experts 4 | ALL THE RESOURCES | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Sij 2020.
Iskall goes on a massive cave exploration and gathers up a massive amount of resources, in order to process it rights he builds an ore doubler, before he runs in to a very big problem...
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  • i thought you fucking said YOU MADE A DONKEY LMAO i was so goddamn confused

  • Is the thing on his head explained anywhere. Season 6 episode funcraft anywhere?

  • Etho set you up a egg farm


  • Me: eating Graham crackers Iskall: GRAY HAM CRACKER Ham: Mr stark I don't feel so good...

  • 5:57 Come on

  • i think you mean dirorite

  • Graham is pronounced Gram, not Grey-Ham

  • The stupidest entity or mob in Minecraft- villagers! Also bats but I don’t think you can get energy from them

  • battttttttts

  • Can’t wait for draconic ETHOlution

  • did he just mispronounce graham crackers? I'm unsubscribing.

  • Islall be like were are not using oxygen right now Me:you sure your player doesnt need it?

  • as soon as you said poultry I thought of Grian saying "It wasn't Me, it was the man in the chicken costume"

  • The stupidest entity in Minecraft is mumbo-jumbo lol

  • Why is there MOON stone on EARTH??

  • smore smingot op

  • It's a villager its definitely a villager


  • Bats gg

  • The grian potato, stupidest entity award

  • Do u need bought minecraft??

  • Villagers

  • What is the model called iskall?


  • Ssssquidssssss

  • You called the compressed skeleton stupider than you. Or is it a donkey? Or something else?

  • what mod is this

  • Bats

  • I'm guessing SHEEP

  • Why u leave funcraft funcraft was more fun for me

  • next episode when?

  • Have a pet hamster named *Grian*

  • Diorite

  • Next episode?

  • dont you need to power the armor for it to actually protect you?

  • Go down the liquid ethylene chain for the gas burning gen

  • I think Etho said the Time in a Bottle gets glitchy when used on the smeltery spout and casting table if you do more than 4 clicks. If you stay less than 5 clicks I think you can do that lever to auto pour.

  • Unless it has been changed : Compressed Diamond/Redstone/Coal counts as 8 in Metallurgic Infuser. Really useful for Diamond part Also, stupidest.... Villager?

  • Squid! Not only do they look stupid but they kill themselves all the time. (Edit: I see bats. A good guess but 1) They dont look stupid. 2) They rarely kill themselves. 3) They are much more annoying than stupid.)

  • Etho said if you want granite he wants diorite too.

  • You should make a sword with demon ingots. They are super easy to get in this pack as the ingots are just gold thrown in lava surrounded by nether brick. You need a hot fuel for the smelter but blazing pyrothium is super Common in the nether and it works great.

  • stpidest enteties are slimes bouncing on slime blocks = infinite Power

  • How do you make it so the Tinkers pickaxe doesnt lose durability??

  • im guessing squid

  • Etho for HermitCraft Season 7?

  • Poultry man does not approve

  • @iskall85 The most useless entity in Minecraft (as iskall said before) is the polar bear Like so he can see

  • what happened to funcraft

  • You should use the flat color blocks to make a full wall of each of the transparent (glass), glowing (glowstone), and opaque (cobble) blocks in the full color range for our buddy and tell him “hey, i hear you like block palettes, well here, grab chisel and bits and have a blast! You can make any block you want now!!

  • Do more building please. That house needs an awesome roof and a huge basement ^^

  • hi iskall, i would like to het into modded mc, but i dont know where to start. do you have any sugestions for modpacks?

  • Hello

  • My guess for the stupidest Entity is a furnace minecart.

  • Lava is a really good early power source, you can pump lava in nether and transport with a ender tank. Then you have lava to burn for RF. Probably a magmatic generator

  • Use a Heat Generator it's the best. Atleast thats what I think.

  • how do i download the modpack

  • Iskall make an ore trippeler it's really easy with mekanism

  • About the most useless mob Maybe the bat

  • Please keep playing funcraft!

  • How could one possibly not figure out, that in Iskall's meaning, we always talk about the stupid villagers :D.

  • First episode i will do funcraft and the experts Me: :(

  • B.A.T.S

  • It’s PolarBears!

  • Do you mean you’re gonna make power from squids and chickens. I believe squids to be the stupidest entity in the game

  • Are you planning on moving everything into the house?

  • stupidest entity? ICE! nobody cares about ICE!!

  • I am here early

  • ist the stupitest entiti a bat???

  • I bet thhat entity is You

  • its gotts be llamas man.. or bats.. or DIORITE (entity)

  • Me: *plays terraria expert mode* Iskall: *plays minecraft expert mode* Wow, the 3d version of terraria

  • Goat?

  • You are talking about Villagers a.k.a The Stupidest Entity

  • 0:32 Creeper Aww ma- *BOOM*

  • Stupidest entity? minecraft:Player{name="iskall85"}

  • Burning redstone and playing with Etho .-.

  • Gas generators can't run energy-positive on hydrogen, but very very much can on ethylene, a more complicated substance to make, but one that only takes a hundred or two rf/t to produce while able to support the gas generator up to a production of just under 8krf/t - much more effective, and a very solid self-sustaining mid-late game power source which can be made by Iskall with the resources he already has.

  • Isklall you could still use those gas burner generátor with ethyline in which čase they are fully selfsustainable you'll need an HPRC(to make ethyline with hydrogen an bio fuel) a crusher(to make bio fuel by crush Ing something i recomend potatos) and 2 or 3 cloches from immersive engineering to grow potatos real fast. If i remember correctly 2 full gas burner generátor can generate more than 5kRF pre tick

  • 1:08 it is wednesday my dudes

  • Which mod has 'Time in a Bottle?' Thanks in advance.

  • Make solar panels

  • Use the reactor mod if it is there

  • Is Tinker IO in this pack? it would speed up and allow for simpler working

  • Hey how did you guys get a server?

  • Low key shook, he called a graham cracker a grey ham cracker. Love the vids

  • What happened to funcraft

  • “I’m really enjoying it, I’m the type of person...” iskall laugh is so contagious I love it!

  • Villagers... such stupid entities... well done Iskall... well done.

  • Ducks

  • Do you think hermitcraft season 7 would use some mods?

  • The stupidest entity is diorite

  • He really switched from fossil fuels to renewable energy, didn’t know Iskall was an environmentalist

  • Villagers ;)

  • whens the next hermitcraft

  • I like Iskall alot but these videos are a little bit deceptive with all the cuts & such , It should be noted that Im not trying to hate. It just makes the pack look alot easier than it actually is. Enigmatica 2 Expert is decently difficult and you're just flying through on the videos. Also Hydrogen in Mekanism is no longer a viable power solution , That was changed awhile ago.

  • Grian

  • 21:15 bats??

  • More of this series :)

  • Use the waterweels for power Funkar bra