Minecraft Experts 3 | A "DONKEY" FOR ETHO | Modded Minecraft

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Sij 2020.
Etho requested a DONKEY in the very first episode, iskall found something better... a "DONKEY". In addition, NuclearCraft gets unlocked and Industrial Foregoing set up!
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  • Iskall starts: so you need a metalergic infuser- Me: 😴😵🙀

  • Coal Coke???

  • I'm watching this after season 7 started and forgot about his skin

  • 2,147,483,647 items per slot

  • What if there was a modded version of hermitcraft, not as complex as the experts but called HermodCraft

  • Modded Minecraft be like: "let me just put this uranium ore in my pocket." 🤣🤣🤣

  • With creating the dank null doesn't that defeat the purpose of requesting a good backpack from etho?

  • 19:01 Iskall: *slaps roof of drawer*

  • The dank null is way too overpowered, you can even use it to dupe items if you put it in a docking station.

  • Auto fish farm, it's Soo op that it makes enchant table to Shame, watch Salc1 video about auto fish farming on smpEarth

  • @iskall85 after you get done with funcraft or expert you should give ftb interactions a look, it's a pretty challenging modpack with a huge questbook

  • I love how you say Donkey :)

  • Little does he know, that roof will be open forever.

  • That's not called a rabbit hole that's called planning for hardmode in Terraria

    • I don't mean this in a hurtful way iskal if your reading this

  • I can’t see the recipes how do you show them

    • Are you talking about on your own game? Try NEI and JEI mods

  • I can't wait until the end of the episode to ask - have you remembered that blood balls are slime balls(sometimes)?

  • replace the bases of the trees with obsidian

  • that number on the dank null is "java long" minus one, basically the largest number java can stand to look at

  • why doesnt his picaxe loose durability

  • Nice skin Mr. Supersaturated. Love it.

  • etho always said hes bad at building but he's wrong

  • Please at the donkey to your fun craft. It would be nice to have

  • block swap the greatwood logs with obsidian lol

  • How do you host your server?

  • How dank is that null?

  • Put the metal press on Etho's to do list.

  • First there was hermit Sky Then there was funcraft Now there is experts What’s next?

  • I chop, I dig - New Ely/Etho Tune Now you need to work on a remix with Ely about the canopy’s

  • 13:19 Mumbo Jumbo: yes

  • Are you gonna keep doing fun craft?

  • IC2 is really good later in this pack, and mekanism's energy cube auto-convert rf to eu, its a nice trick that allows easy usage of those machines early on ;)

    • still bites compared to just putting more upgrades(default recipe) into nuclearcraft stuff vs fussing with coolant and a carpenter and a tweaked recipe.

  • Hi! what do you recommand to make the pack run faster? i do not have acces to a server and i run a fairly beefy laptop

  • Where we can find or dowland this mod

  • 2147483647 is also known as the "integer cap", or the highest possible number a java created resource can get to. :^)

  • Do they have advanced storage? It's like a better, easier, more user friendly applied energistics.

  • Kinda want to see him mine like crazy and see all the different stuff in the pack. But I am guessing people would only want to see that once. :P

  • Okay so some math gives you 115,964,116,938‬ items in a /dank/null/MK VI

  • Great video, I enjoyed it!


  • Iskall can you continue funcraft

  • Is there going to be any more Funcraft episodes? I loved those

  • Iskall, for ore doubling, there are two other options you could use which are objectively better than the manufactory while still being “tier 1” machines. The first option is the Integrated Dynamics Mechanical Squeezer. It is slower than the manufactory (doing a stack of ore in 2 minutes 11 seconds as opposed to the base manufactory doing the same amount in 1 minute 40) but it only uses 78 rf/t as opposed to 1000rf/t with the current machine. The other great thing about the squeezer is that it doubles the ores with a 50% chance of producing triple. It’s also amazing at processing ores like redstone and lapis. The second option would be the Small Plate Presser from Advanced Rocketry. It’s a small multiblock structure that requires absolutely no power and can instantly process an ore block once placed inside. If you feed the machine by hand, you can go through an entire stack in 12 seconds. If you feed it using something like the Block Placer from Cyclic, it only takes 3 seconds to finish 64 ore. As far as I’m aware, that is one of if not the fastest ways to double ores in this pack. Also as a side note, both of these machines are good to build even if you aren’t using them for ore doubling. The Plate Presser can make metal rods fairly cheaply if you don’t have the metal press. The Squeezer has a few pretty useful other recipes like making Forestry seed oil or increasing the amount of dyes you get from flowers. Hope this helps Mr. Expert :)

  • biggest prank.. Canopy base roof

  • where is funcraft? feels like forever since the last time you streamed...

  • OOF bear trap fail..

  • That “stupid number of items per slot” is as follows: 2 billion 147 million 483 thousand 647 It really should use commas to break up the numbers like the following: 2,147,483,647

  • Make the roof of the house exist out of canopy’s keeps reminding him everytime he go’s inside the base and also has a function this time.... also would look cool on that house

  • Mod name?

  • "I guess Etho has tried to trap me but these traps don't work on players" *sad etho noises*

  • I started this mod pack for my self and I cant tell if im realy lucky or unlucky because I spawned in a massive snow biome but I found sevral dead dragons that i got bones from

    • @morenick16 its enigmatic 2 experts

    • What's the modpack name

  • Where FunCraft?

  • Iskall youre twisting my tough here while you talk!!.... pls slowdown a bit for me and the others pls

  • What server do you use with etho?

  • Thinking about how complicated it can be to build just one part to a recipe makes me think of Dr Stone and how much they had to do for simple things haha

  • me watching the video before i get the notification :)

  • I’m enjoying this but where’s funcraft gone

  • An fyi animals need food and water and hamsters can be used for power

  • I chop, i dig

  • For anyone that didn't know one second is 20 ticks so two seconds is 40 ticks

  • you might be able to make slime boots and a sling out of those blood blocks.

  • Fill the house with trees but without the leaves

  • Give the house a canopy!

  • hrdown.info/block/video/j2Ssrc-LmJ1nm80 Dragon Bros That is all.

  • you should prank etho by building a roof out of granite

  • This is definitely my new favorite series!! I love this series, its so fun and interesting to watch. It’s incredible!! I really want to get involved in these sort of mods now.

  • prank idea: bob ross trees

  • For pistons, raid a village lol. My nether spawn was on top of a fortress, and my portal is in a village lol.

  • Make an invar upgrade for a portable tank, and put it inside your coke oven. It acts as a much larger buffer. (It sits in the bucket slot)

  • I knew Etho is a monster since he called my lovely mom "really big"

  • Donkay?

  • Regarding trees, make an tree cutting explosive trap from docm77. The one he wanted to use on you as an friendship token. :)

  • funcraft iskall?

  • You have 3 series H.C. 6 , F.C. , and M.C. expert so can you do an episode of every one in order please ? So you don't have 2 h.c. episodes

  • make the roof a canopy!

  • Iskall please build ethos roof for him, he'll never get it done by himself

  • I prefer fun craft, because it inspires me to play it.

  • Iskall do you plan on streaming this series?!

  • Iskall should stream this

  • Where did funcraft go

  • I miss funcraft

  • At the beginning I was like,ok so trees are better than a big huge masion

  • Since you have the Dragon bones, I have a suggestion please make dragon bone tools

  • Hello there mr. Skittles

  • iskall

  • I just go to a village and yoink all the furnaces / pistons easy way to escape the crafting

  • hey iskall not to pressure or anything but what happened to fun craft I haven't seen a stream or a vid about it for a while now I know you were on a break just checking :)

  • How can I play this modpack?

  • iscall give etho the lumber ax from tinkerer's construct no more canopies left behind. emboss you pickax with alunite for global traveler for easy extra long mining sessions

  • Isn't that "absurd amount of stuff" the max data value for Minecraft?

  • change his house

  • Iskall, the rubber wood can be ran through the IC2 extractor to make rubber Also there's a ton of added recipes for IC2's replicator, including most of the types of machine cases, so getting UU-matter going is pretty important in this pack.

  • Make a bumbo out of the tree

  • Get a magnet??

  • About the trees the house needs a roof

  • Play more on this

  • Will you stream more Funcraft?

  • Guys go check out phant0m he is very very very good

  • advanced rocketry is in this pack?! please do it soon because the space mods are my most favorite mods and i really looked forward to galacticraft in hermit sky but then you stopped that series :(

  • u should make a canopy with watever etho hates ad then make it imposible to remove without dieing

  • this is just gonna turn into a sign-craft server, ain't it?